Adam Levine texted two more girls: I’m obsessed with your body

The singer of the band Maroon 5 found himself out of favor with the public. Namely, new accusations came to light regarding the flirtatious messages he allegedly sent to two other girls. After the story of the relationship was sent to the world by influencer Sumner Stroh – the singer had already denied it, but admitted that he acted foolishly – Levine found himself facing new challenges. He strongly wishes that the scandal would not affect the stability of his family.

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Adam Levine sent flirtatious messages to two other girls, who took heart after it became clear that the star had become involved in a relationship with Sumner Stroh. This one is on TikTok released some details of their relationship, triggering an avalanche of reactions from other celebrities. The first to react was Levine, who admitted that he had acted unwisely and naively and that he had crossed the line in communication, but at the same time denied having physical contact with Strohova.


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Now they have also made public some details of the messages they were receiving Alyson Rose and a girl named Maryka. The first shared some private messages, in one of which the star wrote: “I shouldn’t be talking to you, you know that?” She posted a screenshot on TikTok and announced that she had it in stock “much more than that,” but she decided not to share matters, give yourself to her “they don’t seem suitable”. She explained, “to make me feel uncomfortable posting these things”. Her next post contained only a fragment of a conversation with the musician, who confessed to her between the lines that he was completely addicted to her. When she admitted that she did “she’s also weird and she only listens to metal music” he replied yes “No ‘hot babe’ has ever said that to him.”

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“A lot of my friends knew about it and they were shocked.” she said on TikTok, adding: “If other girls also experienced this with him… I think I should share my story because I feel very sorry for his wife and no one deserves this.” Despite everything, Rosova has already deleted both posts.

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Maryka also spoke out, sharing the content of private messages she received from the singer in her Instagram story. Their hot communication started when nothing shyly told her: “Now I’m obsessed with you.” She immediately answered him with a question: “Dude, aren’t you married?” But he quickly found himself: ”I did, but it’s very complicated. Things are not easy,” while complimenting her body. When she announced that she was going to take some time off from Instagram, he directly invited her to bed activities. Maryka, who was not convinced by his courtship, shared with the public a part of the video she received from the singer, adding a keychain with which she calls on all the girls to expose the 43-year-old.

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He has not yet responded to the new accusations, and American websites have searched for his statements, which are now not in his favor. He admitted years ago that he had been in relationships before Behati Prinsloo unfaithful, but he was eloquent in an interview with Cosmopolitan that was published in 2009. “Monogamy is not something that is in our genes,” he said and added: ”People cheat. I cheated myself. And you know what? There’s nothing worse than the feeling of doing it.”


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