After an incredible 50 days, the lying down championship ended in Montenegro #foto


This year, the contestants took the witty Montenegrin lounging competition more seriously than ever before.

The recumbent championship, which has been held in Montenegro for more than a decade, served up an incredible surplus this year: the two winners, who eventually agreed to share the main prize, stayed horizontal for as many as 50 days, or almost 1,200 hours. For comparison: the previous record holder lay down for 117 hours in 2021, or a little less than five days.

This year, 21 competitors from Montenegro, Serbia, Russia and Ukraine took part in the competition, and the winner and record holder became a 23-year-old Montenegrin Lidija Marković and Filip Knežević.

Lidija Marković…
Photo: Profimedia

... and Filip Knežević (left) | Photo: Profimedia

… and Filip Knežević (left)
Photo: Profimedia

Since neither of them was ready to give in and stand up, they agreed to quit together and split the prize of one thousand euros. At the same time, the organizers announced that Knežević “cavalierly left the media victory to Lidia Marković”.

The rules of the competition allowed the contestants to eat three meals a day and use the toilet every eight hours. After this year’s marathon, the organizers have already announced that they will tighten the rules next year.


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