Did Liam Hemsworth really cheat on Miley Cyrus with 14 women?

Did Liam Hemsworth really cheat on Miley Cyrus with 14 women?
Did Liam Hemsworth really cheat on Miley Cyrus with 14 women?

Social media is full of angry fans of singer Miley Cyrus after her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth allegedly cheated on her with 14 women in her marriage, in the very house where she shot the music video for her hit song Flowers. The theory took off when a Twitter user noted the fact, but did not provide a source for the information or any other proof that what he was stating was true.

A song Flowerscurrently reigning at the top of many music charts around the world, is stirring the spirits of fans. Miley Cyrus she made it quite clear in the lyrics of the song that it was intended for her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, which prompted fans to look for hidden meanings in the song and music video. But be careful, not all theories developed are based on facts.

Miley dedicated the song Flowers to Liam, sparking a lot of speculation online about their failed marriage.PHOTO: Profimedia

Viral spread of unverified information

Profile Pop Tingzwho posts pop culture-related articles on Twitter, tweeted last week that Miley’s video for the song Flowers recorded in the house where Liam cheated on her with more than 14 women while they were married. As many as 4.6 million users saw the tweet, and it was also shared several times on Instagram and Tiktok. Many of Miley’s fans took the information as sacred and spread it on social networks. The video, in which a fan angrily asks how dare Hemsworth do this, has more than 12 million views on Tiktok. In another post with five million views, the girl asks: “So you’re telling me that 14 women agreed to be Miley Cyrus’ second wife? I know you liked Party in the USA and watched Hannah Montana…” there are many similar recordings. Is all this even true?

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Cheat information shared by the profile Pop Tingz, is not based on any reliable source, or the source is not cited at all. While many fans blindly believed her, others warned in the comments that it was probably just spreading false information. “Wait, I was just checking the claim and I couldn’t find a single thing to support it. Why are you spreading lies? Enjoy the awesome song she made and don’t cause drama.” “I feel like people were too quick to believe it.” “This is not confirmed: just a rumor to help promote the video.” “Wait, where did the rumor of 14 women come from?” “People can literally say anything and people just believe them.”

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One of the fans also wrote that it is actually a famous Hollywood house that can be rented only for filming movies and videos. “It’s literally impossible for Liam to use her to cheat.”

“I can admit to a lot of things, but I refuse to admit that my marriage ended because of cheating. Liam and I were together for a decade. I’ve said it before and it’s still true, she loves Liam and I always will.”

Many theories: cheating with Jennifer Lawrence, the jacket and the defiant dance

In addition to the ‘sinful house’, fans on social networks have developed many other theories about the hidden messages that Miley communicates to her ex in the video. One of the most popular at the moment, which has as many as 41 million views on TikTok, suggests that Liam Miley cheated on the actress Jennifer Lawrence, who once admitted in an interview that she kissed him (she did not reveal whether Liam was single at the time). Miley is said to have announced this in the video, where she has a similar hairstyle and gold dress that she wore at the premiere of the film Hunger Games worn by Jennifer. In addition to the gold dress, the former Disney star also wears a jacket in the video, which fans believe is the same jacket that Liam wore to the premiere of the film The Avengers. At that time, after she jokingly pretended to lick his chest on the red carpet, he told her to behave appropriately.

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Among other things, fans claim that it is a song Flowerswhich the musician released on her ex-husband’s birthday, a response to a ballad Bruno Mars When I Was Your Man, which Liam is supposed to dedicate to her at the wedding. While Bruno sings that he has to buy his ex-girlfriend flowers, hold her hand and dance with her, Miley replies in a melodically similar song that she can dance by herself, buy herself flowers and hold her hand. The connection to the failed relationship was also noticed by fans in the video, where the singer dances while walking down the road with similar movements that she once dedicated to her chosen one on the red carpet, who did not seem overly impressed with them at the time. Finally, they highlighted the fact that the star in the video is doing Pilates, which she and Liam once trained together.


Miley Cyrus dedicated a new song to her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth

A relationship full of ups and downs

Miley and Liam met on the set of a movie last song in 2009, and then had a relationship for several years, which they ended and rekindled several times. They got engaged in 2012, but ended the relationship a year later. Their paths crossed again in March 2016, when Miley once again put an engagement ring on her hand and at the end of the year with the star The Hunger Games breathed a fatal yes. Eight months later, they announced their divorce, which was made official in January 2020. Liam later found solace in a model Gabriella Brookswith whom he broke up last summer, but they recently rekindled their romance, and Miley is currently happily in a relationship with the drummer after two failed relationships Max Morand.

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