The price of school lunches remains at the same level as last year, the ventilation of the norm system

At the meeting, the government decided, among other things, on the draft law on intervention measures in education, with which they want to prevent an increase in the price of school lunches. As Minister Igor Papič confirmed, the price of lunches this year will remain at the level of last year, the difference will be the fault of the state budget. Among the changes was also the overhaul of the tax system, as it was explained that there will be no tax changes for full-time self-employed entrepreneurs with annual incomes of up to 25 thousand euros. The government will double funds to help the Slovenian economy due to high electricity prices.

The proposal for the law on intervention measures in education provides that the price of school lunches and maintenance fees in student dormitories would remain at last year’s level, regardless of the increase in costs for users. The difference in price would be covered from the state budget. This was confirmed by the minister at the press conference Igor Papič. As he explained, these are measures in the amount of four million euros. The measure is valid for the entire school year. We want to maintain low prices at the level of last school year. The entire law is harmonized, he said. The costs for September will be reimbursed retroactively, he explained.

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The basic aim of the law is to mitigate the consequences caused by the increase in the prices of accommodation, food products and food-related costs when calculating the price of maintenance in student dormitories and the price of school lunches, the material says.

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Funds have been doubled to help the Slovenian economy due to high electricity prices

According to the state secretary, the government will be in the Ministry of Economy Dejan Židan aid to the economy more than doubled. “In practice, this means that the new aid figure is no longer 40 million euros, but 86 million euros,” he said. They also recapitalized the entrepreneurial fund so that it can provide liquid loans.

The government has also raised the percentage of aid subsidizing energy costs, from 30 to 50 percent. “It also decided to include in the aid scheme the agriculture and fisheries sector and those institutes and associations that carry out economic activity,” the state secretary announced in a press statement after the government meeting.

On the other hand, the government excluded the entire financial sector from the collection of recipients. The Slovenian Enterprise Fund was recapitalized by the government with six million euros. “with the aim of this fund providing the Slovenian economy with liquidity loans to the extent that companies need them”, justified the decision.

At the press conference, Židan apologized to the Economic and Social Council because the proposed amendment to the law on aid to the economy is being sent to them at a later date due to the high prices of electricity and natural gas. As he explained, such a timeline enables them to make timely payments to the economy.

The Economic and Social Council will consider the proposal of the government’s amendment at Friday’s meeting.

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Overturning the Normarian system

As the Minister of Finance said Klemen Boštjančih, “the tax changes go in the direction of those who have the most contributing the most to the budget coffers. The government has decided to allocate this money to young people.” As he pointed out, they will be employed with minimum, average and up to five times the average salary, “compared to this year, next year will definitely receive higher net incomes.” As he added, from 2024, income tax classes and reliefs will be aligned with at least half of the wage growth.

Among the changes was also the airing of the norming system: “We are not abolishing the tax system, but changes are necessary. The most important thing is that there will be no tax changes for full-time self-employed entrepreneurs who have an annual income of up to 25,000 euros.”

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