American police officers hunted the bear unsuccessfully

American police officers hunted the bear unsuccessfully
American police officers hunted the bear unsuccessfully

A furry visitor wandered into the front of the American Walmart store on Sunday. Worried shoppers immediately informed the local police station about the unwelcome guest, but they had some problems catching the beast. They started chasing the bear with a police car, but the cub successfully escaped from them. The whole thing was also recorded by the camera.

On Sunday morning, residents of the US state of New Mexico spotted a bear cub in the parking lot of one of the stores. Since the mother is usually around the teddy bears, visitors to the Walmart store, where the furry one went, immediately called the Farmington police station.

A police vehicle arrived at the parking lot shortly after the call, but it had a lot of trouble catching the puppy. The bear successfully ran away from them, and the police chased it in a car around the parking lot. After a few minutes of racing, the bear disappeared behind a grassy area, and the policemen then stopped the hunt for the furry one.

The incident was recorded by a camera on a police car, and the police station shared the footage on its social networks. “Eyewitnesses saw a bear running from the restaurant towards the store,” the police officers wrote in the announcement. After every trace of the furry bear was spotted on Sunday, another smaller bear (most likely the same bear) was spotted near the city’s fire station.

It was most likely a black bear cub, they assumed. Between 339,000 and 465,000 of them live in the United States, of which approximately 6,000 live in the state of New Mexico.

This type of bear feeds most often on berries, fruits and nuts, as well as insects, fish and small mammals. They are also particularly attracted to the smell of human food remains, so they like to rummage through garbage. Although they are not dangerous to humans, they can attack if they feel threatened.

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