Brad Pitt put his sculptures on display for the first time

The Sara Hilden Museum of Art in Tampere, Finland is hosting an exhibition by Los Angeles-based British artist Thomas Houseag. As part of the exhibition, the American film actor Brad Pitt, who is largely self-taught in this field, presented his sculptures to the public for the first time.

Next to the sculptures Brad Pitt the exhibition also presents a series of ceramics created by the Australian alternative rocker Nick Cave.

“For Nick and I, this is a new world and our first entry into it. It feels right,” Pitt told a Finnish television station at Sunday’s opening ceremony Yle.

Brad Pitt in the company of Nick Cavo and Thomas Houseag.PHOTO: Profimedia

Among Pitt’s works, for example, there is a plaster cast with a shooting scene. As the actor said, his works are about self-reflection, about “where did he make a mistake in his relationships, where did he go wrong”.

The fifty-eight-year-old actor surprised with his presence at the opening of the exhibition, as his participation was not announced. “In that sense, it’s exciting and wonderful,” said the chief curator Sarianne Soikkonen.

An actor and a singer joined the artist at the exhibition with their works.PHOTO: Profimedia

The exhibition is the first Houseagova presentation in the Nordic countries. As the curator also said, the artist’s decision to include his friends in the exhibition was a result of the pandemic and events in Houseag’s personal life.

The exhibition is on display until mid-January 2023.

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