In a shortened line-up with 112 points, Cedevita Olimpija to the first laurel

In a shortened line-up with 112 points, Cedevita Olimpija to the first laurel
In a shortened line-up with 112 points, Cedevita Olimpija to the first laurel

Helios Suns : Cedevita Olimpija, final third match, Jurica Golemac


The national team is a thing of the past

Super Cup 2022:

Friday, September 23:
Cedevita Olimpija: Helios Suns 112:85
Ferrell 27, 6 assists, Alibegović 17, Omić 13, 11 assists, Jeremic 13, Adams 12, Radović 10, Murić 8; Mirtić 19, Luke 14, Oman 13, Buljević 11, Bačvić 10

Yogi Ferrell | Photo: Grega Valančič/Sportida

Yogi Ferrell
Photo: Grega Valančič/Sportida

The current champions start the season with many new faces, only the holders from last season remain in the club Edo Murić (new captain), Yogi Ferrell, Alen Omic and Zoran Dragic, who will not play for several weeks due to injury. The team has not yet had its last newcomer Aaron Harrison and the two Croatian representatives Karel Matković and Lovra Gnjidić (due to the required quota of Slovenian players). In the first lineup, Ferrell, Omić and youngsters started for Cedevita Olimpija Rok Radović and a newcomer Amar Alibegović and Joshua Adams. The first five challengers are from Domžale Tibor Mirtic, Lovro Buljević, Urban Oman, Niko Bačvić and the captain Blaž Mahkovic.

Radović opened the game with a triple. The twenty-one-year-old was at his hottest in the opening five minutes, when the people of Ljubljana took a 13:1 lead. He scored eight points. After a minute’s break on request Dejan Jakara Helios returned to the game with a partial score of 10:0 (13:11). The last minutes of the first quarter again belonged to the national champions. A few seconds before the siren, Ferrell scored a three-pointer and after ten minutes it was 26:16 on the scoreboard.

Alen Omic | Photo: Grega Valančič/Sportida

Alen Omic
Photo: Grega Valančič/Sportida

Adams proved that he has a very soft hand with nine consecutive points in the first minutes of the second quarter and Olimpija took the lead with 39:27. Helios had only one active basketball player. It was Buljević. When he scored the second three-pointer in a row (total of 11 points), the Domžalans got closer to 33:42. However, he also received a third personal foul and had to go to the bench three minutes before halftime. With poor defense on both sides, the baskets fell one after another. After 20 minutes, the score was 58:39. At the sound of the siren, Ferrell hit a three-pointer and got another free throw. The American was Cedevita Olimpija’s top scorer with 13 points, 12 by Adams and 10 by Omič.

Gallery from the Super Cup match in Škofja Loka (photo: Grega Valančič/Sportida):

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When, in the second minute of the second half, Buljević quickly got his fourth and fifth personal fouls (both against Omić), it seemed that the game was already lost for Helios with a 42:61 deficit. And indeed, the advantage of the Ljubljana team only grew. When Murić scored his first basket (three-pointer) in the fifth minute of the third quarter, they already led by 25 points (72:47). By the end of the third quarter, 3-pointers were falling on both sides. Olimpija already scored 13, and Helios scored 11. The advantage of the Ljubljana team was already 30 points. Also thanks to the jump, they had as many as 31, of which 11 were from Omić. Before the last quarter, the score was 90:65.

Josh Adams. | Photo: Grega Valančič/Sportida

Josh Adams.
Photo: Grega Valančič/Sportida

He scored Olimpija’s hundredth point in the 35th minute Jan Kosi (100:75). The rest of the match was just a formality, without a real competitive charge and defense. For the final result of 112:85, the people of Ljubljana hit 17 three-pointers, and the people of Domžal 14. The best individuals in the game: Ferrell 27 points, Alibegović 17, Omić 12 and 11 rebounds for Olimpija, and Helios Mirtić 19 points, Austine Luke 14 and Oman 13.

The most successful clubs in the Super Cup:

11 titles – Cedevita Olimpija (2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2017, 2020, 2021)
5 – Krka (2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016)
2 – Koper Primorska (2018, 2019)
1 – Šentjur (2015)

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