MyQ X Embedded Terminal 8.2 for Kyocera devices

MyQ X Embedded Terminal 8.2 for Kyocera devices
MyQ X Embedded Terminal 8.2 for Kyocera devices

The Czech manufacturer of print management solutions has introduced an upgrade aimed at Kyocera printers and MFPs. The long-awaited MyQ 8.2 terminal is full of new features and improvements that provide greater flexibility, improved security and a better appearance.

Improved support for full-screen display in the latest generation of Kyocera models

The new version of the built-in terminal 8.2 in the latest generation of Kyocera multifunction printers with 10.1-inch screens provides improved support for full-screen display. The ratio between the built-in display and the MyQ display has been improved to give the user a more elegant look and feel. As a bonus, a new pop-up menu bar has been added, allowing access to the device’s native functions (counter, system menu, status, etc.) directly from the built-in MyQ screen.

Support for cost centers

MyQ 8.2 Terminal on Kyocera devices adds support for cost center accounting, which was already introduced in MyQ X Central and Print Server 8.2 versions. By introducing cost centers, organizations gain additional flexibility related to invoicing and cost recovery. If cost centers are enabled, the user can select a specific cost center account before processing jobs on the MFP. The costs will then be calculated and assigned to the selected cost center. Cost centers can track up to 5 different billing options, which is very convenient in educational, financial, and legal organizations to recover printing-related expenses incurred by students, various departments, or individuals in legal affairs, to name a few.

Iimproved odds display

With a simple touch of the built-in MyQ X interface, users can now get a more simplified yet detailed overview of their status, making it easier for them to manage their quotas.

QR code as the default login method

Combined with the MyQ X mobile client and QR code as the default login method, users can truly experience a touchless experience when it comes to secure printing. They can simply scan the QR code displayed on the built-in MyQ terminal and release their print jobs using the MyQ X mobile client without touching the device’s keyboard or screen.

Additional fields for setting the profile

New fields have been added to the MyQ Embedded Terminal 8.2 configuration profile for Kyocera devices to allow more OEM-specific settings to be pre-defined prior to deploying the MyQ Embedded Terminal to Kyocera devices. The following configurable fields are available; Local administrator PINs, language selection, on-screen numeric keypad, ID card reader type, FeliCa card reader parameters.

Display the serial number of the device

Gone are the days when we had to look up the device serial number to log service requests. With the built-in MyQ 8.2 terminal, administrators and users can now easily identify the serial number of the MFP through the MyQ built-in administrator screen. Simply click on the MyQ logo (can be corporate) and the device’s serial number will conveniently appear in the lower left corner of the admin login screen.

Easy scanning via secure FTP or HTTPS

Embedded Terminal MyQ 8.2 for Kyocera devices offers greater protection against security threats. Users’ scanned documents are now encrypted during transfer from the MFP (multitasking device) to the server using a secure FTP or TLS protocol over an HTTPS connection, depending on configuration by the administrator. It also offers improved flexibility and data security. .

and much more

It’s also worth noting that MyQ has also added several tweaks related to performance and stability in a constant effort to improve the product.

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