Here comes Trom, the first television series filmed in the Faroe Islands

The events of the series begin with a video message that a Danish investigative journalist receives from a Faroese animal rights activist and environmentalist… Photo: Televizija Slovenija

After a missing animal rights activist is found during a local whale hunt, a journalist Hannis Martinsson risks his own skin to follow a spectacular story that shocked the isolated island community of the Faroe Islands,” says the announcement of this year’s series Sluggish.

The Faroe Islands are an official territory of Denmark with just under 50 thousand inhabitants. Since 1948, they have enjoyed broad self-government in almost all areas. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Video call from alleged daughter
We follow a Danish investigative journalist through six episodes lasting approximately 40 minutes Hannis Martinsson (Ulrich Thomsen), who receives a video message from the Faroese animal rights activist and environmentalist Sonja á Heyggi (Helena Heðinsdóttir). She informed him that she was actually his daughter and that her life was in danger.

Hannis returns to her native Faroe Islands to look for her, but unfortunately her hunches turn out to be correct. “While searching for answers to many questions, he gets into a conflict with the local police and successful businessman Ragnar. Will he be able to get to the truth and how far is he willing to go for it?” is also written in the announcement of the series.

Hiring an intrepid investigative reporter
The action of the first episode begins with Sonya’s unsuccessful attempt to arouse the interest of the local police in threatening messages directed at her and hers daughters. The colleague with whom Sonja prepared the interview with the whistleblower is seriously injured in an unusual car accident. Sonja also asks for help from the Danish-Ferce investigative journalist Martinsson, who is famous for his fearless search for the truth. Martinsson immediately leaves for his native Faroe Islands, partly because of his newly revealed family ties.

They wrote the script for the series Torfinnur Jákupsson and Donna Sharpeand they sign the direction Kasper Barfoed and David Óskar Ólafsson. With Ulrich Thomsen and Helena Heðinsdóttir among other things, they still play Maria Rich, Olaf Johannessen, Marianne Hansen and Gunnvá Zachariassen.

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