To select a contractor for the renovation of Savsko naselje elementary school

To select a contractor for the renovation of Savsko naselje elementary school
To select a contractor for the renovation of Savsko naselje elementary school

The contractor, to whom the municipality of Ljubljana will entrust the renovation of the Savsko naselje Elementary School, will have to demolish certain tracts and build new buildings in their place. Photo: Luka Cjuha

In May, Savsko naselje Elementary School was preparing for the renovation of the school scheduled for July, but the Municipality of Ljubljana informed them at the end of May that the renovation will have to wait a little longer. In a letter to the school, the municipality cited the uncertain situation on the construction market as an important reason for the postponement of the start of the renovation, which can be reflected in delays in project implementation and price increases during construction itself.

The municipal office for development projects and investments explained in June that construction work on the school will probably start on February 1 next year. It seems that the renovation of the school will really start at the beginning of next year, as the municipal public procurement service recently announced a public contract to find the most affordable contractor for the renovation. Interested construction companies can submit their bids to the municipality until 12 noon on October 14. Then there will be a review of the offers and a selection of the best. Already in the tender documentation, the municipality has warned potential interested bidders that both the construction work and the handover of the building and the obtaining of the use permit must be completed by September 1, 2023 at the latest.

If the builders successfully complete the work within the set deadline, the students of Savsko naselje Elementary School will only attend school for five months at a temporary location in BTC. This also means that the next generation of first-graders will cross the school threshold for the first time next year at their future school and not at a temporary location. “We are planning the implementation in such a way that the children spend as little time as possible outside the home school,” the municipal office added at the time.

Demolition and new construction

In the currently valid municipal budget, the value of the renovation of the Savsko naselje Elementary School is estimated at 4.2 million euros. The tender documentation shows that the selected contractor will have to demolish the so-called connecting tract D, where the kitchen and dining room are located, and tract E, where there is a housekeeping workshop and a heating substation. On the site of tract D, the contractor will have to build a new connecting tract with a ground floor and one floor, where there will be a kitchen, a dining room and a multi-purpose hall. On the site of tract E, the builders will build a new ground-floor tract with a warehouse, a garden path and a bicycle shed in the same dimensions as the existing building. Part of the school will be built over with additional floors that will house school classrooms.

The Savsko naselje elementary school renovation project also includes the arrangement of the school’s surroundings, as the builders will have to design a space for the school garden in front of the new tract D. In addition, it is planned to arrange a new parking lot in the place where there are currently seven parking spaces. There will be fourteen parking spaces in the new parking lot. Simultaneously with the renovation and extension of the school, the municipal concessionaire for the energy renovation of public buildings will renovate the school energetically.

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