Cargo ship sank, nine people still missing #photo

Cargo ship sank, nine people still missing #photo
Cargo ship sank, nine people still missing #photo

A cargo ship sailing under the Hong Kong flag has sunk in the sea between South Korea and Japan, a spokesman for the South Korean coast guard announced today. 13 crew members were rescued, but at least two of them were later confirmed to have died. Nine people are still missing. The cause of the accident is not yet known, foreign press agencies report.

“We rescued 14 of them in total,” a spokesman for the Japanese coast guard initially told the French news agency AFP. “Their condition and nationality are not yet known,” he said, adding that six crew members were rescued by the South Korean coast guard.

The 6,651-tonne ship, which was carrying timber, was carrying 14 Chinese nationals and eight Myanmar nationals, according to the Japanese Coast Guard. According to the South Korean coastguard from Jeju city, 11 people were unconscious when they were rescued and were taken to Nagasaki, Japan. At first, it was not clear how many of those rescued were still alive, reports the German news agency dpa.

Photo: Reuters

Japanese health authorities later announced that the two rescued people were dead. According to dpa, which refers to a representative of the South Korean Coast Guard, at least five survived the accident, while the death of six people is said to be confirmed.

“Our vessels will remain in the area and continue the search operation throughout the night,” a spokesman for the Japanese coast guard said. So far, several vessels and aircraft from the Japanese coast guard and military, the South Korean coast guard and a private ship have participated in the search operation.

The Hong Kong-flagged Jin Tian sent a distress signal late Tuesday from a position about 110 kilometers west of the remote and uninhabited Danjo Islands in Japan’s far southwest.

According to the Japanese Coast Guard, several crew members also helped save three private ships that were nearby at the time. The cause of the accident is currently unknown.

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