Donald Trump “hijacked” a supporter’s funeral for a campaign speech

Although Trump has not yet officially announced his presidential candidacy in next year’s elections, he is only speculating when he will do so. Photo: AP

Trump at the funeral ceremony in Fayetteville in North Carolina sounded more like a presidential candidate than an undertaker paying tribute to a dead friend.

At one point he even complained that the ceremony was taking much longer than the “15 minutes” he was promised. “They told me about 15-20 minutes, in and out. That’s a little longer than 15 minutes, isn’t it?” Trump remarked.

Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway and Herneitha Rochelle “Silk” Hardaway Richardson. Photo: AP

“Diamond” was with her sister Herneith Rochelle Hardaway Richardsonbetter known as “Silkpart famous pro-trump duo “Diamond and Silk” (Diamond and Silk), but Trump also remarked during the funeral address that he basically did not know for Silk. This one was indeed less talkative than her sister in promotional videos, but they always performed as a duo.

Both often performed at Trump’s rallies and even met with him at the White House. But they were also vocal anti-vaccinationists who lost their show on Fox Nation.

Meanwhile, in her speech, Richardson sang the praises of the former Republican president, who treated her and her sister “exactly like the rest of his children: Erica, Don Jr, Tiffany.

From the election to Melanie

The sisters were regular attendees at Trump rallies. Photo: AP

The sisters were regular attendees at Trump rallies. Photo: AP

Trump’s 44-minute speech in front of about 150 mourners was definitely… unique. The former president did not pay much attention to the deceased, instead he started political topics and repeated again how the 2020 elections were stolen from him.

“How do we stop cheating? How do we stop you getting more votes and still not winning? The answer is that Republicans have to come together, we have to toughen our approach and really beat them.”

But he didn’t stop there, covering a whole range of topics from Nafta, tax cuts, crowd size, illegal immigration and why magazines don’t publish anymore Melanie on the front pages. In spite of all this, he also asked the undertakers whether they prefer to be called African-Americans or blacks. “You tend to prefer black people, don’t you?”

Cause of death Hardaway is not known, but Richardson said on Saturday that it is Americans “poisoning”in order to do so “reduced the population”. “People split like flies, but nobody talks about it! They split suddenly and unexpectedly,” she said, repeating the anti-vaccine conspiracy theory covid associated with an increase in sudden deaths.

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