The Swedish model took over the Croatian island and shouted at the other visitors

The Swedish model took over the Croatian island and shouted at the other visitors
The Swedish model took over the Croatian island and shouted at the other visitors

Swedish model Isabella Lindblom spent more than a month on the uninhabited island of Jaz near Rogoznica in Croatia. Her stay caused headaches for the locals and other visitors as she shouted at them and drove them off the island. She only let individuals into the island, who brought her living allowances in return for payment, including raising chickens on the island. Authorities have already given her a deadline to relocate from the island.

Isabella LindblomPHOTO: Profimedia

An unusual story comes from Dalmatia. On the island of Jaz, where there is no residential building, a Swedish model settled down last month Isabella Lindblom. She is said to have slept in a net between the trees, for a little more comfort she has now ordered a tent, locals say. The latter are surprised that no one took action. Police were already on the island, but the case was not resolved. The Swede ran around the island, screaming and not allowing anyone to approach her. All the inhabitants of the nearby settlement of Rogoznica knew about the unusual case, but apparently no one could do anything, the locals were surprised.

“This has been going on for a month now and I don’t understand why the authorities haven’t resolved the situation yet. If such nonsense was happening in Sweden, it would have already been locked up in a psychiatric hospital,” a local is horrified by the model’s life on the island. The model was allegedly exploited by some locals and offered to transport goods to the island in return for payment. “Unfortunately, there are people who take advantage of the whole situation and take her money, the girl is more than obviously taken away,” is for Šibenik portal said a local woman, who is horrified that Croatia has allowed such an event, especially before the tourist season.

“Our municipal police were on the island two or three times when they received a report about the incident. The maritime police also intervened and fined them 24 hours to leave the island. The police did their part. We informed everyone. competent, as the island is state-owned, “ explained the mayor of Rogoznica Anita Zivkovic.

She came to Croatia legally

The Swede was still on the island on Saturday, according to the portal, which also turned to the local police for information about Lindblom’s health and health condition. “On 7 June, we examined a 31-year-old Swedish citizen and found that she had lived in the Rogoznica area of ​​the Republic of Croatia without the permission of the competent authorities. In accordance with Article 15 of the European Economic Area the fine and the deadline by which he must leave the island. The tourist community, the municipal police and the municipal police were also informed about the incident, ” explained a spokesman for the local police administration Šime Pavić.

The uninhabited island of Jaz.PHOTO: Google Earth

She came to Croatia legally, showed her passport and documents. “The police have known about her for some time because I Island is not the first island she has occupied. The lady, as the locals call her, chases away both swimmers and fishermen as soon as they approach the island. Objects she has already brought to the island should not be touched or moved without police supervision. You can only do it yourself. I don’t know when they’ll get her out of there, but we did everything in our power. Municipal police officers cannot punish her for chickens, but they can order her to remove them, “ is for 24sata explained Zivkovic.

Apparently, the Swedish law enforcement authorities have now managed to expel the Swede from the island. As reported today Slobodna Dalmacija, the model has left the island and no one knows where she is at the moment. A police spokesman confirmed that they had already visited the island and made sure the person who was staying there illegally was no more.

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