Secret meeting of Russians and Ukrainians

Secret meeting of Russians and Ukrainians
Secret meeting of Russians and Ukrainians

The warring parties met on neutral territory.

Last Thursday, November 17, the delegations of Russia and Ukraine met in the United Arab Emirates, where at least two agreements were reached, Reuters reports.

The two sides met and agreed to restore Russian ammonia exports to Africa and Central Asia through Ukrainian pipelines. At the same time, the two delegations agreed on the exchange of prisoners of war, according to Reuters.

The sources explained to the agency that the UAE played the role of a mediator, and representatives of the United Nations (UN) were not involved in the process.

The UN and Turkey were the main brokers in the agreement Russia and Ukraine reached on grain and fertilizer exports.

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Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey Vasil Bodnar he partially confirmed the reports. “The release of Ukrainian prisoners was part of an agreement to export Russian ammonia,” he said, but denied knowing about the said meeting.

The UAE foreign ministry, the foreign ministries of Ukraine and Russia, and the defense ministries of Ukraine and Russia did not respond to requests for comment from Reuters.

The export of Russian ammonia will once again take place through the Ukrainian pipeline. Its capacity is 2.5 million tons per year. Russia pumps ammonia in the Volga region and transports it through Ukrainian territory to the port of Pivdenji near Odessa.

The gas terminal in the aforementioned port has been closed to foreign customers since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24.

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Harsh attacks on energy infrastructure

Three nuclear plants in Ukraine, which are still under the control of Kiev, have been reconnected to the electricity grid, the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy announced today. After the Russian missile attacks, they were disconnected from the grid, and by the evening they should start producing electricity for consumers again, reports the French news agency AFP.

Today, in light of the attacks on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, Russia announced that Kyiv has every chance to meet Moscow’s demands and end the suffering of the people of Ukraine, reports the Russian news agency Tass.

Due to the intense Russian attacks on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, the UN Security Council convened in New York on Wednesday at the request of Ukraine. Earlier, the World Scientific Organization (WHO) warned that this winter will be a struggle for survival for millions of Ukrainians.

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