Russia: We will attack as long as…

Russia: We will attack as long as…
Russia: We will attack as long as…

The Russian ambassador to the UN announced the continuation of attacks on Ukraine. Zelenski warns that it is more than obvious a crime against humanity.

Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasiliy Nebenzija assured last night’s extraordinary session of the Security Council in New York that Russia will continue its attacks on Ukraine until Kyiv adopts a “realistic” approach to negotiations.

After a series of battlefield defeats, Russia decided to launch missile and bomb attacks on Ukraine’s civilian energy and other infrastructure, prompting the European Parliament to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism on Wednesday. In New York, Nebenzi did not even hide that Russian forces were attacking “infrastructure”.

“One of the goals of the special military operation is to undermine the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian army. And we will achieve this by military means until the regime in Kiev takes a realistic approach that will allow to settle the problems that led us to launch the special military operation in the first place,” claimed Nebenzija, who again complained that he was the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky participated in the session via video link and said he would like to see him live in New York.


On this occasion, Zelenski once again publicly condemned the attacks by Russian forces. “When temperatures drop below zero and millions are without power, heating and water, it is more than a clear crime against humanity,” he said.

French Ambassador Nicolas de Riviere called the attacks on Ukraine’s energy system a clear violation of humanitarian law. “The goal is clear: in the light of military defeats, to sow terror. We cannot tolerate the continuation of this,” said the Frenchman.

Russia was also condemned by some other ambassadors in the Security Council. There was no action because Russia has the right to veto.

Due to the war in Ukraine, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the only priority for Ukrainians over the winter will be survival. The Ukrainian army announced that the Russians launched 70 cruise missiles on Wednesday and also attacked its territory with drones.

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