Horrible stories from Izjum: They pulled my toenails and beat us drunk

Horrible stories from Izjum: They pulled my toenails and beat us drunk
Horrible stories from Izjum: They pulled my toenails and beat us drunk

New accusations of war crimes during the Russian occupation come from Izjum. The horrifying stories are told by a group of Sri Lankan citizens who were detained by the Russians for several months. He reports on it BBC. Dilujan he is one of seven Sri Lankans who, after the Russian invasion, set off on foot from Kupyansk in northeastern Ukraine towards Kharkiv, about 120 kilometers away. At the very first checkpoint, Russian soldiers caught them, blindfolded them, tied their hands and took them to a factory in Vovchansk, not far from the Russian border. That’s when their four-month nightmare began.

A group of seven Sri Lankan citizens who were in Russian captivity. PHOTO: Stringer Reuters

Instead of studying and working in Ukraine, they became prisoners who supposedly had to do hard work. They say that they were allowed to go to the toilet once a day, and that only for two minutes, and occasionally they were also allowed to take a shower, which was also not allowed to last more than two minutes. In the meantime, they were beaten. They say that the Russian soldiers got drunk and then drunkenly beat them with their rifles and demanded money from them. “This is all they kept repeating: Money, money, money,” the 35-year-old ate You are silent. Two of the men were left without their toenails, as they were pulled out with pliers. They were imprisoned for three months, the worst was for a 50-year-old woman who was the only woman in the group. They put her in solitary confinement. Survived that they are only because of prayers and thoughts of their families. Luck smiled on them only after the liberation of the territory, when a Ukrainian policeman noticed them on the street. They were accommodated in a rehabilitation center in Kharkiv and allowed to contact their families. At that time, tears flowed from happiness at the sight of their loved ones.

President of Ukraine Volodomir Zelensky said that more than 10 torture chambers were found in the wider area of ​​Kharkiv.

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