Youth on the streets again: Put people before profit

Youth on the streets again: Put people before profit
Youth on the streets again: Put people before profit
Protester in Berlin. Photo: Reuters

“We demand that governments listen to the voices of people from the most affected areas and immediately provide funding for the loss and damage to the communities most affected by the climate crisis,” they wrote down.

The youth warn that the ruling class of the Global North is deliberately sacrificing the ecosystems and peoples of the Global South in the name of development and economic growth. Meanwhile, he uses the working class as a tool to build a system that destroys them.

In Germany, rallies were held in more than 270 cities. In Berlin alone, the police counted about 20,000 participants. Several thousand activists were also listed in Hamburg and other major German cities. At the rallies, young people demanded a radical expansion of renewable energy sources with the help of a special fund worth 100 billion euros, debt cancellation for poor countries and universal and permanent access to affordable energy. “Our message from the streets is clear: we know that there are sustainable, fast and solidarity solutions to the crisis, we demand them and we are ready to fight for them,” said the head of the German department of the Fridays for the Future movement Lisa Neubauer.

Several thousand rally participants also gathered in cities across Italy. The participants of the protests there mainly drew attention to the absence of the climate crisis in the current election campaign, and this at a time when Italy is dealing with the catastrophic consequences of climate change, such as droughts and floods.

Around 20,000 protesters also gathered on the streets of several Austrian cities, including 12,000 in the capital Vienna. At the rallies, climate activists demanded an energy transition for all, while demonstrations were also held in support of the pending climate protection law. In Graz, climate activist Julia Cas pointed out that for 631 days a law on climate protection, which also deserves the name, has been demanded.

Global warming protests

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