World traveler reveals: Here is the worst public toilet in the world

World traveler reveals: Here is the worst public toilet in the world
World traveler reveals: Here is the worst public toilet in the world

British travel blogger and writer Graham Askey, who spent over €170,000 (£150,000) and traveled over 120,000 kilometers (75,000 miles) in over 90 countries to find the worst public toilet in the world, said , that he finally found it. This is supposed to be in Tajikistan.

Graham, also known to his friends as the porcelain king, searched the world for the most disgusting public toilets. He wrote extensively on his blog about the worst cases he found in the 91 countries he visited. The 58-year-old found, as he now says, “the perfect hole” – a crumbling tent with walls set up on stilts. According to him, the worst toilet is on the border with Afghanistan in Tajikistan.

Cloth walls are used as toilet paper

A 1.5 meter high toilet in northern Tajikistan is so bad that those who want to use it have to stoop over sun-dried excrement, the Daily Mail reports. Askey says the “most disgusting thing of all” is that fabric walls are used as communal toilet paper.

He says some parts of the wall were torn off and thrown on the floor of the cabin. At the same time, there is also the risk of disturbing the deadly snakes and rats that have settled in the nearby rocks. According to Askey, the toilet in the Ayni region of Tajikistan, on the western edge of the Pamirs and not far from the border with Afghanistan, is so disgusting that locals refuse to use it unless they are “absolutely desperate”.

He also published a book in which he included the 36 “worst” toilets

Askey, a self-described “squatter watcher,” has visited hundreds of public toilets on six of the world’s seven continents, with the one in Tajikistan being the worst of them all.

In his new book, Toilets of the Wild Frontier, out this week and intended as a work of satire, he includes 36 of the “worst” he’s encountered. A sink in Bangladesh and a bathtub in China also made it to his list. A ten-metre-high stilt hut in Indonesia also made the list due to its deadly footpath, as well as a wooden chair with a built-in toilet seat in Benin, which sits on a raised platform in the middle of a village and is, in Askey’s words, “the toilet with the least privacy”, which he ever met them.

Only included photos of the exterior of the toilets in the book

In the book, he only included photos of the exterior of the worst toilets he visited to spare people the “vomit-inducing” content, and spent “the least possible amount of time” inside to avoid nausea.

“While readers will no doubt love these ‘sad’ public toilets, it should be understood that they pose a significant and largely unnecessary health risk that can be significantly reduced with the support of charities such as ActionAid and World Toilet Day,” he Askey added.

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