Harry had a big fight with his father and refused to have dinner with the new king!

The prince, who dramatically left Britain and the royal family two years ago, has fallen out with his father, the Daily Mail reports.


Britain’s new king called his younger son and told him it was “not appropriate” for Meghan to be there. Then there was a terrible fight…

Furious prince harry he refused to dine with his father the king Charles III. and to the brothers, the Welsh to Prince William at Balmoral. Harry, Duke of Sussex has fallen out with his wife’s father, the new monarch Meghan Markle forbidden to join the mourning royal family on the day of the queen’s death.

The Duke of Sussex reportedly wants his wife to join him in saying a final goodbye to his beloved grandmother in Scotland on September 8. However, the new British king called his younger son and told him yes “not suitable”, that Meghan is there too.

Missed the flight because of an argument

The ensuing argument, during which Harry struggled to persuade his father to allow Meghan to go with him, is said to have resulted in William and their uncle, the prince Andrew and Edward missed the flight to Scotland. At the same time, he missed the opportunity to say goodbye.


Prince Harry clashed with the new monarch over Meghan Markle.

The prince, who scandalously left Britain and the royal family two years ago, was so angry that his wife was banned from the event that he missed his first flight and also refused to dine with Charles III, William and Camilla. Instead, he dined with the Duke of York and the Earl and Countess of Wessex before leaving early the next morning.

Charles III. told Harry that it was not right or appropriate for Meghan to be at Balmoral at such an important and sad time, a source told Britain’s The Sun. Attendees are really limited to the immediate family. Charles III. has made it very, very clear that Meghan will not be welcome, the source pointed out.

Harry was also reportedly refused a seat on the RAF plane that William, Edward and Andrew traveled to Balmoral on.

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