Residents in fear: after 15 years, a serial rapist is on the loose

Residents in fear: after 15 years, a serial rapist is on the loose
Residents in fear: after 15 years, a serial rapist is on the loose

The Serbian capital is in fear these days. A serial rapist IM (44) from Belgrade was released from prison on September 20 after 15 years, Kurir reports. In addition to rapes or sexual assaults, he also committed numerous robberies in the past.

The Belgrade criminal is known for choosing random women as his victims, such as workers in boutiques, beauty salons, newsagents… During the last attack, for which he was later convicted, he was violent and carried a firearm.

Started at the age of 14

IM was convicted three times and spent a total of almost 30 years in prison. He started committing crimes such as rapes and robberies in 1992, when he was only 14 years old. Then, in three days, he attacked nine women, four of whom he also raped. After that, he was convicted and spent almost 10 years in prison, until 2001. However, just a month after his release from prison, he continued his horrible behavior and attacked three more women, raping one of them, and committed eight robberies, for which he was sentenced to six years in prison.

When he was arrested again in 2007, he described in detail that he entered the boutique in Vračar with a knife and forced the worker to go to the booth and undress, and then held the knife to her throat and raped her. Next was an optician’s worker, who he attacked on Voždovac and threatened her with a knife again, taking 5,000 dinars and three pairs of glasses. After some time, a worker in the store recognized him and called the police, but he ran away.

Residents of Belgrade are worried

Serbian media describe IM as a man, about 175 centimeters tall, with dark skin and dark hair, of a stronger build. When handing down the last sentence, the judge stated “that he is a socially dangerous person”.

The news that a serial rapist has been walking freely around Belgrade for three days has upset the public, and citizens have started sharing his photo and warnings on social networks. Some Instagram users wrote “that they supposedly heard that he has already started working as a taxi driver”.

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