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He warns against the third world war: “Putin is already training people in the Balkans who will cause conflicts”


Volodymyr Zelenskythe president of Ukraine, said in a recent interview that they ordered him Vladimir Putin tried to kill at least five times. He added that Kiev received intelligence every time the Russian president planned to find and kill him.

»The first time it was interesting, you don’t know what would happen and everything looks scary, but then it’s just another piece of information from the intelligence service that another group from Russia came to Ukraine to kill me,” he said in an interview for The Sun and Fox News.

Volodymyr Zelensky. PHOTO: Stringer Reuters

“Putin is already training people in the Balkans who will cause conflicts”

The Ukrainian president also accused the Kremlin of aiding Hamas in attacks on Israel and warned that the Ukrainian-Russian conflict could turn into World War III. Zelenski once again accused the Kremlin of causing problems in the Balkans, where, according to him, they are already taking some steps.

»We think that they are already preparing for new moves in the Balkans. We think they might even train some people. Their idea is to start a new conflict, not to participate in it“, Zelenski is convinced.

The war between Israel and Hamas has diverted the attention of the world public from the war in Ukraine. Zelensky called on Western leaders to fund aid and arms for Ukraine. »For some reason, people treat it like a movie and expect that there will be no long pauses in events, that the picture before their eyes will always change, that there will be some surprises every day. But for us, for our warriors, this is not a movie. These are our lives. And it will not be as fast as we would like, but we have no right to give up and we will not“, the Ukrainian president also said.

Vladimir Putin. PHOTO: Sputnik Via Reuters

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