In California, a law was passed that will take children from parents if they did not agree with the choice of their gender

In California, a law was passed that will take children from parents if they did not agree with the choice of their gender
In California, a law was passed that will take children from parents if they did not agree with the choice of their gender

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The California Senate passed the most controversial bill that could cost parents their own children. The law will require parents fighting for custody to “confirm” the gender of the child with whom the child “identifies”, even if it is different from the biological sex. He will have to approve and confirm both gender confirmation and medical transition, hormone therapy, without restrictions – otherwise he may lose custody of the child. The law still awaits the signature of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

The bill, the Transgender, Gender Diverse and Intersex Youth Empowerment Act (AB 957), which passed the Senate last week and then the Assembly on a party-line vote, dictates that courts must consider “gender confirmation” in children. The law, which will soon enter into force, states that when determining the “health, safety and well-being of a child” the courts must take into account the “confirmation of the parents regarding the child’s gender identity or gender expression.” “For the state of California, passing the bill is presumptuous and reckless, and will cause tremendous hardship,” she said Stella O’Malleyfounder of Genspect, who is known as a critic of gender-affirming care and social and medical transition for transgender people.

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“Horrifying: “In the last 24 hours, the California Senate has passed not one, not two, but four bills designed to remove children from their homes and into government systems where adults can talk to them privately,” wrote user X under the video, where Pearson highlights a critical issue of the law.

Parents: This is an attack on the family and children
This is the ongoing assault on family and children that we have witnessed in this legislative session and over the past few years in California,” jshe told Fox News Nicole Pearson, mother of three children and member of the newly founded association “Protect the Children of California”. She urged the judges to seriously reconsider and warned that the consequences of this policy will be disastrous. In the interview, she pointed out the consequences in the case of conservative parents who will not agree to the “confirmation of the gender” of children, “the way we read the law is that it means both of them will endanger the child’s health, safety and welfare…or does it mean that the state will find that they are both endangering or neglecting or even abusing their child and take away custody from both parents? And if none of them is then an adequate guardian, that child becomes a dependent of the state,” warns.

The California Society for the Protection of Children recently discussed three key measures, which are also proposed ballot initiatives for 2024. They would prevent minors from receiving hormone therapy, and schools would be required to notify parents if their child chooses to adopt a gender identity other than which corresponds to their biological sex. A third prohibits biological males from competing in women’s sports. Pearson called the measure “dangerous” and “unconstitutional” during her announcement on Sunday, saying the policy could lead parents to ignore other options that could help their children who suffer from gender dysphoria.

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“There are over 9 million children in the state of California. AB 957 says that any of them who are going through a divorce, whose parents are fighting over them, whose whole world is falling apart, their whole identity – not their gender identity – their whole identity is falling apart, that as parents we need to validate that confusion … gender confusion, especially in this context, is a cry for help,” she said, adding that in these cases, the child’s confusion is a manifestation of stress, anxiety, depression, a variety of other psychological and mental emotional hardships that these children suffer during the separation of their parents. Tell your parents; ‘Confirm or lose your child’ is unconstitutional, illegal, in fact, it’s dangerous because it will force parents to look away and not consider other therapies that the child may need.”

Others worried about the implications of the move took to social media, including the outspoken account Libs of TikTok, which called it “insanity of the highest order”. A tech mogul Elon Musk also considered the matter and wrote on X on Friday: “This law is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This effectively means that if you disagree with the other parent about sterilizing your child, you lose custody. Total madness!”

It is a law that would completely restrict parents and prevent them from raising their children according to their deeply held beliefs incidentally, the beliefs which Christians and non-Christians alike held to be the basic laws of nature and the foundations of civil society until recently. However, this is more than a legal dilemma for constitutional scholars and gender studies scholars, it is a dastardly act and classic democratic emotional blackmail. The left is persistently waging psychological warfare against its ideological opponents with thinly veiled threats.

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