The most dangerous woman in the world from prison straight to a nightclub (VIDEO)

The most dangerous woman in the world from prison straight to a nightclub (VIDEO)
The most dangerous woman in the world from prison straight to a nightclub (VIDEO)

After a few days on the loose, the wife of the notorious drug lord “El Chapo” was caught partying in one of Los Angeles’ nightclubs. After two years in prison, Emma Coronel Aispuro was released last Wednesday, but it seems that she missed the night life a lot behind bars.

The wife of the head of Mexico’s notorious Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, was released from prison last week.

As it turns out, it is Emma Coronel Aispuro missed the night life a lot, as she was already spotted in one of the nightclubs in Los Angeles last weekend. To a party organized by one of her lawyers Mariel Colon MiroCoronel Aispuro, judging by the videos published on social networks, came in the company of friends, she also walked the red carpet and posed for photographers.

According to foreign media, Coronel Aispuro and her friends were enjoying the VIP section of the club, but she was surrounded by security guards.

We remind you that the 34-year-old woman was sentenced to three and four years in prison for drug trafficking and money laundering, but she was released after two years in prison last Wednesday, writes CNN.

The former beauty queen was sentenced in November 2021 after pleading guilty to charges related to her husband’s drug empire. 1.3 million euros were also seized from her. Before sentencing, Coronel addressed the court and expressed remorse for her actions. She regretted the harm she may have caused to US citizens. She said she accepted full responsibility and asked the judge to consider her then 9-year-old twins, who will be forced to grow up without their mother, when sentencing.

El Chapo, who escaped from a prison in Mexico twice, is now serving a life sentence in Colorado, USA, after being convicted in 2019 of participating in a criminal organization and drug trafficking, as well as possession of firearms. Prosecutors described him as the “ruthless and bloodthirsty leader” of the Sinaloa cartel.

Members of the cartel, which is still active, were fined by the administration of US President Joe Biden in February for their involvement in the illegal and dangerous trade in fentanyl and methamphetamine, US officials said.

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