Saved a colleague who fell into a barrel of wine, but paid with his life

Saved a colleague who fell into a barrel of wine, but paid with his life
Saved a colleague who fell into a barrel of wine, but paid with his life


September 18, 2023, 5:39 p.m

Updated: September 18, 2023, 6:04 p.m

Italian winemaker Matteo Bettolini, while rescuing a friend who was drowning in a barrel of wine, heroically managed to save him, but he himself died in the process.

A few days ago, an unusual work accident occurred in the Italian wine cellar Ca’di Rajo in northeastern Italy. Alberto Pin, an employee of said winery, noticed a fault in the system of a huge wine tank, so he decided to enter it and try to fix the fault himself. Due to the large amount of nitrogen gases that are released during the fermentation of wine, he fell down and lay down. This was noticed by his colleague and friend Marco Bettolliniwho selflessly came to his aid, unaware that he was descending to his death.

Bettollini still managed to pull the injured Pino out of the barrel, but in the process he himself passed out due to the poisonous gases and drowned in the pool of wine that remained at the bottom of the tank that the two workers were cleaning that day. Paramedics took Pino to a hospital in Treviso, where they successfully revived him, but he is still in a critical condition, and they could no longer help Bettollini.

Winery owner, Simone Cecchetto he said that everyone is shocked and sad. “For us, they were like two brothers, two sons. My thoughts go to their families and we pray for the injured Albert to recover as soon as possible.

Chief Prosecutor Marco Martani he said that all previous information shows that in fact no one should enter this barrel, because according to the rules, in the event of a breakdown, an external company should be called and special masks should be used, which such an experienced worker should also know. The whole thing was also recorded on security cameras, which, of course, they do not want to show to the public.

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