Robert and the Sun Queen: when the prime minister doesn’t think with his head, but with… (COMMENT)

Robert and the Sun Queen: when the prime minister doesn’t think with his head, but with… (COMMENT)
Robert and the Sun Queen: when the prime minister doesn’t think with his head, but with… (COMMENT)

Dejan Steinbuch
May 26. 2023 6:37 am

In January, the media became alarmed that the prime minister was driving without wearing a seat belt. He appeared as a passenger in a short promotional video of his client, shot for social networks. After the revelation, the Prime Minister immediately apologized and confirmed that he would pay the fine. The video has been pulled from the internet, as it is inappropriate for the Prime Minister to promote the violation of road traffic regulations.

In February, shortly before Valentine’s Day, another prime minister appeared in public for the first time with a new companion. It is significant that they chose a celebration that is an homage to a cultural holiday. If the Prime Minister was saying that he doesn’t care about culture, the Decalogue and applicable social norms, then he was out of luck, because no one understood his sublime message. However, the media noticed that the companion was nervous in front of a crowd of photographers and cameramen, and the Prime Minister himself was a bit tense. After all, it was an important momentum in his short but meteoric political career.

But now we imagine that the protagonist would be the British Prime Minister. What would happen if he brought a mistress to a state event? There would be a storm, of course. The relentless British media, which has crucified its politicians even for minor transgressions and misdemeanors, would have a stroke at the sight of the prime minister with an intimate companion who is not his wife, but – hand on heart – at most a concubine. If Rishi Sunak, who was sprinkled with ashes in January for driving without a seat belt, had been so arrogant as to bring a mistress, concubine or a woman other than his marriage partner to the national celebration, hell would have awaited him.

An atomic bomb would be dropped on Downing Street the next morning. The media, as well as the majority of the public, would go crazy. The reactions of the fourth branch of government would be violent, but far from merely moralizing. Of course, we would warn that it is unethical, immoral and unprofessional if such an important politician as the Prime Minister, who represents and in his own way symbolizes the United Kingdom in addition to the royal family, tramples ethical and moral norms and whistles at unwritten social rules. Of course, all this says the most about the prime minister himself, his pathological nonchalance, egoism and self-indulgence. What if a man is so in love that, as we say, his emotions have clouded his mind?!

But now we imagine that the protagonist would be the British Prime Minister. What would happen if he brought a mistress to a state event? There would be a storm, of course.

The media – at least those that remain committed to professional and ethical standards – are not in the world (only) to moralize at every opportunity. If it were an archbishop, the pope or the Dalai Lama, then of course the sinner would be nailed to the cross without hesitation. When it comes to the First Minister, the concerns surrounding his concubine, who becomes an informal First Lady overnight, are somewhat less valuable, but all the more substantive in nature.

In other words, even if the prime minister were so in love that he would lock his wife in a mental hospital and neglect his children a little in order to devote himself in peace to his new and possible future marriage partner, this does not excuse him, much less absolve him of his responsibility towards the citizens and the country. And if we return to the concern of the British media, which would otherwise also moralize, but not only that, then the unpleasant question that we face the next moment is related to the personality of the prime minister’s new love.

Who is this woman? What was she doing before she met the Prime Minister? With whom did she socialize, with whom did she do business, with whom was she (was) related? Were these also foreign (business) partners? Were they doing legitimate, legitimate business? What does the history of posts on social networks say about her past? Is the Prime Minister’s mistress worthy of his trust? Or perhaps meaning a certain security risk?

In a serious country, these issues are dealt with by professionals and services that ensure that we citizens can sleep peacefully. In our story, we again have two different options. The British media, which would crucify the prime minister for such a love escapade, compared to which not wearing a seat belt or participating in a forbidden party during the lockdown is an innocent joke, would also profile the new unofficial first lady in detail.

If she began to appear in public in this capacity, all the more ruthlessly. If the prime minister were to present her to foreign leaders as the new chosen one, they would immediately hang a picture of his wife, possibly psychologically broken, humiliated, in front of him… Titles like How dare you, Prime Minister, how dare you, Prime Minister?! would be the least punishment. But this alone would harm him in opinion polls. Popularity would go downhill fast.

But it would be much worse if investigative journalists started publishing individual episodes from the rich career of the new first lady, which would end not only in the opposition, but also in the ruling party, where eminences from backgrounds. Gray and white-haired heads would nod; a prime minister who does not think with his head, but with some other organ, is a risk to the party. He needs to be talked to. Social norms and rules regarding marriage and family relationships also apply to the Prime Minister. If he doesn’t understand that, he should resign.

At the Pečarič inn, however, we would think differently. The prime minister has big problems, he hasn’t done anything in a year. He promised a lot, but the government is largely incompetent. Indeed, with depoliticization, she provoked the Janist opposition in such a way that it does not deal with the supervisory role over public finances, the economy and personnel massacre, but only with museums, monuments, communism and the civil war. Because of this, the Sun King can be forgiven for the offense with a new companion. The ladies must be recognized for their contribution to the successful reign of the Sun King.

For this purpose, she is awarded the title of Sun Queen as a sign of gratitude. (Good save the Queen!)

The article is in Slovenian

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