In 102 pages, the FBI reveals details of the attempted assassination of Elizabeth II.


The FBI has released more than 50 years of security documents on the late Queen Elizabeth II to the public. during her visits to the United States. They also include descriptions of several attempts to assassinate her. Another one could possibly be added to the 102-page intelligence report.

Elizabeth II. visiting San Francisco.PHOTO: AP

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is eight months after the Queen’s death Elizabeth II. published secret documents about the Queen’s visit to the United States in 1983. The FBI took care of Elizabeth II’s security during the important couple’s visit. and the prince Philip. As previously secret documents reveal, American agents were primarily concerned with threats from the Irish Republican Paramilitary Unit (IRA), which advocated the end of the British monarchy.

According to records from the 1980s, the group announced an assassination attempt during the Queen’s visit to San Francisco. The threat was made a month before Elizabeth’s visit to a police officer who frequented an Irish pub. He immediately informed federal agents about the words of the Irish organization. In a message to the agents, he pointed out that the alleged attacker wanted to avenge the death of his daughter in Northern Ireland by killing the queen. She was allegedly killed by a rubber bullet.

Queen Elizabeth II. and Prince Philip visiting Yosemite Park.PHOTO: AP

“He intended to harm Queen Elizabeth II and would do so either by throwing an object from the Golden Gate Bridge onto the Queen’s yacht or while visiting Yosemite National Park,” it is written in the documents. It is not clear what measures the FBI then took, as the agency did not publish details of their activities during the visit, nor did it share with the public details of possible arrests of the alleged attackers.

The document, which is 102 pages long, has otherwise caught the eye of the public due to changes in American legislation regarding free access to information. The FBI released the information on its Vault information website.

Many of the late Queen’s state visits to the United States took place at a time of heightened tensions between the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. This was also the case during the state visit to New York in 1976. At that time, the FBI added a pilot who flew over Battery Park in a small plane during the Queen’s stay in the city to the list of suspicious persons. He attached a note to the plane “England, get away from Ireland”.

The disturbing assassination of Mountbatten

The assassination of Elizabeth’s second cousin, Lord Mountbatten, contributed significantly to the Queen’s security concerns during her visit in the 1980s. He died in 1979 in a bomb attack IRE.

Prior to the Queen’s personal visit in 1989, the FBI’s internal communication also warned that the threat to the IRE had not subsided and that “ubiquitous”. They added that units in Boston and New York should also be prepared to accompany the queen during her visit to Kentucky.

As the federal agency informed the American media after the publication of the 102-page document, there are even more secret documents about the protection of the queen and potential threats. They also announced a possible release, but without a date.

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