After DeSantis’ campaign launch fiasco, Twitter’s head of engineering is leaving

After DeSantis’ campaign launch fiasco, Twitter’s head of engineering is leaving
After DeSantis’ campaign launch fiasco, Twitter’s head of engineering is leaving

“After nearly four incredible years at Twitter, I’ve decided to fly the nest,” said Twitter’s head of engineering, Foad Dabiri. He announced his decision to leave the company a day after Ron DeSantis’ Twitter campaign for president began a series of technical problems. It is not known whether it was the problems at the start of the presidential campaign that led to Dabiri’s departure.

Entry of the Republican candidate Ron DeSantis going into the race for the White House, he was anything but smooth. He wanted to announce the start of his campaign in an online conversation with the owner Twitter Elon Musk. However, due to technical errors, the audio transmission crashed several times, the online conversation had to be postponed for 20 minutes. With this, they lost as much as half of their listeners.

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A day after the fiasco at the launch of the campaign, however, the head of engineering at the tech giant announced that he was leaving the company. “After nearly four incredible years on Twitter, I’ve decided to fly the nest,” he announced Foad Dabiri. He added that he experienced “two different eras” at the company – the era before Musk and after him.

In another online post, however, he said that the transition to Twitter 2.0 extensive and fast: “The beginning of the transition was challenging, to say the least.” He did not explain why he decided to leave Twitter or whether his departure is related to the launch of DeSantis’ campaign. But he added that working with Elon Musk was very instructive and that it was “enlightening to see how his principles and vision are shaping the future of this company”.

Since the platform landed in Musk’s hands, the company has already laid off more than 80 percent of its workforce. Musk last month in favor BBC said that downsizing at the time he bought the company was not easy.


The start of DeSantis’ presidential campaign on Twitter was marked by technical problems

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, is otherwise considered the main rival of the former US president Donald Trump. Despite DeSantis’ struggles at the start of the campaign, the online event is expected to be held on Twitter according to the press agency Reuters attracted more than 600,000 listeners, with just under 300,000 left to close. Spokesman for the Republican presidential candidate Bryan Griffin however, he said that the online event raised a million dollars (a little over 900,000 euros) in one hour.

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