Martha Stewart naked at 81 (PHOTO)


From the covers of the special summer edition of the famous American sports magazine Sports Illustrated, as usual, beauties in swimsuits were smiling. The coveted cover was seen as a prediction that would shine in the beauty sky of supermodels. But those times have passed, beauty is no longer measured only by age, body measurements and facial symmetry, because what makes a person stand out from the crowd is increasingly important. And they began to follow this at Sports Illustrated, as she shone on the cover of the special edition with a big smile and in a one-piece swimsuit Martha Stewart.

7 years older than the previous one, it has the oldest on the cover.

The most famous American housewife and now probably also the most famous model of the aforementioned famous magazine, since at 81 years old she went down in the history of the magazine as its oldest model. “I don’t think much about age. But this time, when I became the oldest model the magazine has ever featured, I thought it’s quite a historic event, and I need to look as good as possible.”

This special edition pays tribute to influential women who feel neither external nor internal limitations. And the influencers who, according to the magazine, embody this are actresses Megan Foxa model Brooks Nader and a musician Kim Petras. And, of course, Martha Stewart, who built a real financial empire with her catering company and tips for a better life.

Among the chosen four is Kim Petras, only the second transgender woman to pose for Sports Illustrated magazine. PHOTO: Andrew Kelly/Reuters

“Once you stop changing and growing, you’re done. So why wouldn’t I grab this life opportunity with both hands?!” Stewart said to herself when she was invited to the photo shoot. “I hope this cover will inspire others to never stop challenging yourself. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what stage of life you are in.” And she put on a white plunging neckline swimsuit, threw a golden orange cape over her shoulders and followed the photographer’s instructions with the scenery of the Dominican Republic in the background Ruven Afanador.

Dubbed by the magazine’s editors as the first true influencer, Stewart rose to fame in the 1980s by writing cookbooks that served as a springboard for television cooking shows. Since then, she has signed 99 cookbooks, hosted numerous shows, and expanded her business to include her own line of clothing, housewares, and home improvement items, as well as publishing a lifestyle advice magazine. Somewhat less famously, the media housewife goddess landed behind bars in 2004 due to stock fraud, which did not harm her business at all. “She never let the circumstances of her life dictate the final outcome. She changed with the times and was always one step ahead of others,” the editor-in-chief of the magazine sang her eulogy MJ Day.

So far, Elon’s mother Maya Musk was the oldest to pose in a swimsuit for the famous magazine. PHOTO: Andrew Kelly/Reuters

The star of the magazine’s special edition is undoubtedly 81-year-old Martha. Before her, the oldest on the cover was a model Maya Muskmother of a tech mogul and billionaire Elon Musk, who posed for the magazine at the age of 74 last year. Petrasova, who is a model, is attracting attention this time Leyna Bloom only the second transgender woman to pose for said magazine. “Gender or sexual orientation is not essential, what matters is what you make of your life. What matters is who you are.”

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