‘I’ll die if I don’t kiss her soon’

Dijana took over Amri’s date with a wild rose and after a bad start came to the villa with a rose. At the party, the dreamy Toni wanted to talk to Karolina, but he kept thinking about how to kiss her.

Amra the winner of the truth game

It’s instead of a date Antonia surprised the girls with a game of truth, but they did not know that it would be a dream for them Tony while watching. To begin with, they had to rank themselves from the most to the least sincere, and they deliberately placed themselves in the places of the least sincere Danijela and Ksenia. They chose the girl who changes the most in the presence of cameras Amrofor the sexiest Danijela, for the girl who sleeps the longest, Janet. Amra talks the most about her former partners, she allegedly came to the show for the wrong reason Polina. They pointed out as the biggest competitors Carolina and Polina, and they chose Amra as the least sincere, who thus became the winner of the game.

Dijana took over Amri’s date.PHOTO: POP TV

Dijana takes over the date

As the winner, Amra should have had a date with Toni, but she got it Diana taken over by the wild rose. When she found out that they were going to see the zoo, she wasn’t the most excited. During the walk, a bird pooped on her, and at the end her braces broke. Toni also felt that Dijana built a wall around her, and she felt that Toni didn’t really want to get to know her. She said she was struggling, but in a peculiar way that he might not notice. When she said she was afraid of snakes, he appeared with a python around his neck, but she overcame her fear in his company.

Bad start, good end

At a romantic lunch, Toni and Dijana talked about family. The candidate admitted that she was a strange child. Toni boasted of a great childhood in which he played a lot with his sister. Dijana was honest, saying that it is difficult for her to talk and meet new people in the outside world. But the bad start of the date was followed by a good end and the dessert was even sweeter because of the rose she got. Toni said that he had a great time and enjoyed it, and she added that it went by too quickly. But when she explained their date to the girls, Amra’s heart was very heavy.

All Toni was thinking about was kissing Karolina.PHOTO: POP TV

‘I’ll die if I don’t kiss her soon’

Antonija revealed to the girls that Toni had been watching them during the truth game. Before the gathering, he addressed them: “Several times until now I got the feeling that you don’t take me seriously. This is not a joke for me, I came with sincere intentions. I would ask you to take my feelings seriously because I take yours seriously.” He invited Karolina to the conversation to make his day better. He admitted that he can’t concentrate because he keeps thinking about the kiss: “I will die if I don’t kiss her soon.” But she reiterated that she can’t take that step while hearing about the other dates, hugs and kisses.


Critical Ksenia

Meanwhile, a debate developed about some of the girls coming on the show for the wrong reasons. Amra mentioned that the goal of some is to beat the rest. Ksenia: “I think a real man has to have something in his head to know if a girl just wants attention or something else.” Toni then invited her to the conversation. Ksenija commented: “I think Toni is a man you would end up drunk in bed with. I don’t know what would happen next. Maybe she wouldn’t call again. Not him me, not me him.What does Toni want to talk to Ksenia about?


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Croatia's dream man

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