Called a friend in Millionaire, then asked something unexpected

Called a friend in Millionaire, then asked something unexpected
Called a friend in Millionaire, then asked something unexpected

These days, all of Europe is talking about the appearance of a contestant in the Swedish version of the Millionaire show. He made it to the final without using any of the help offered.

On Saturday, the 31-year-old appeared in the show Postkodmiljonären, the Swedish version of the Millionaire quiz Jonas von Essenotherwise a two-time world memory champion and also a finalist on Talang, the Swedish version of the talent show.

The man of many talents also made sure that viewers will remember him for a long time with his appearance in Millionaire. He easily walked all the way to the end and became the 14th contestant to win the top prize, one million Swedish kroner, since the show began in Sweden in 2005.

Even more than the victory, the viewers were impressed by the way he went about answering the last question. It read: “Which architect designed Chandigarh, the capital of the Indian states of Punjab and Haryana, built in the 1950s?”

Von Essen, who until then had not used any of the help offered, decided to call a friend on this question David. When he answered, Jonas first greeted him seriously, and then asked him: “Do you have anything special planned for next Saturday? I would like to invite you to a small party.” At the same time, it was for everyone, including the leader To Rockard Sjöbergit is already clear where the dog is praying.

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After saying goodbye to his friend without even reading him the question, Jonas decided to use another help – a halfling. “Just to be absolutely sure,” he explained, “if I answered wrong after all that, it would be the TV scandal of the century.” Then, half-used, he nevertheless decided to answer that the architect they were asking about was Le Corbusierand he was right.

The newly minted millionaire later told the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that he had not planned to call his friend. “When I saw the question, I was pretty sure I knew the right answer. I sat there and thought about what to do, and then I decided to have a little fun,” he said, “and if I sacrificed a million for fun , it would be something historic. Historically bad, if not, but still.”

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