After the tragic loss of a colleague, Dunking Devils announced: Peter, we miss you

After the tragic loss of a colleague, Dunking Devils announced: Peter, we miss you
After the tragic loss of a colleague, Dunking Devils announced: Peter, we miss you

“The Dunking Devils have lost our Peter,” the popular acrobatic group announced in a note and video they put together in memory of their colleague, “his memory, energy and mission will live on through us who remain in this world.”



A member of the acrobatic group Dunking Devils died after an accident in Woop



We publish the Dunking Devils record in its entirety:

“There is no paper that would allow us to write everything about Peter, a young man with endless thoughts, ideas and a heart of gold. He was an amazing person, he left his mark on everyone we were lucky enough to meet or watch the TikToks he was a creator. He left us too soon, at only 22 years old, just when he was firmly on the path of professional growth and on the threshold of many extraordinary opportunities. In the midst of a pandemic, when others saw fear and obstacles, he saw inspiration and opportunity .He chose TikTok as his canvas, a platform that allowed him to send his creative ideas and values ​​out into the world and onto the mobile screens of millions of people around the world.

In just two years, the agency DD Studios grew out of his passion, under whose auspices 30 young creators of the new generation create and work. Together with his team, he has created an incredible network of people who pursue progress, growth, respect and fun in every moment. Peter was our light, our inspiration and our engine, who through his actions showed how to grow, progress and impress like no one else.

Peter Kokalj | Photo: Dunking Devils

Photo: Dunking Devils

But he was much more than just a person who gave life to the Slovenian scene on TikTok. He was many people’s best friend, role model, mentor and someone who always took time for people and listened to them. When we were in trouble, we turned to him and confided in him our challenges and problems. He listened and found a way to make you smile, offer you a shoulder, and show the love he had inside. Even ten years older than him, we appreciated talking to him because we trusted him, respected him and admired his wisdom.

He started by jumping on the trampoline in his backyard. His family supported him and followed his acrobatic feats, which he continued at the diocesan high school soon after. However, he began to show and exploit his true potential as a member of the Dunking Devils team. He enjoyed training in Woop immensely and learned new tricks and skills in a safe environment that gave him acrobatic freedom, with which he was very proud to inspire viewers around the world. He was a real ‘entertainer’ and with his jumps, among other things, he impressed on the show Slovenia has Talent, in the videos of the DD Squad group and at performances all over the world. As a member of the Dunking Devils, he also received the apple of inspiration award from the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor.

He radiated his love for acrobatics even on his last day in this world. He was at Woop with his family and shared a passion for jumping with his sister. The air was his second home. Many, however, wonder at such moments whether it is really worth living a full, adrenaline-filled life. There is a type of people, and Peter was certainly among them, who do not know how to live otherwise. Enzo Ferrari said he would return all his trophies if he could resurrect just one of his drivers. Like Ferrari, Peter understood that by his jumping and co-creating the story of Dunking Devils, he was giving many young acrobats and creators the opportunity to live their dreams.

Peter, we miss you, without you the world and our story will never be the same. We will not try to fill the void you left behind, but instead look for strength and inspiration in it. We give you our word that your energy, your mission and your values ​​will live on through all of us and all those who will come to know you through us. Thank you for everything we experienced with you. Thank you for all the performances, conversations, smiles, trips, filming, saunas and days we spent together in the office. You will be with us in our hearts forever and together we will continue to be an amazing TEAM in which we all feel that nothing is unattainable.”

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