(VIDEO) Did you know that one of the four RTV journalists who deliberately didn’t come to work was a drunk Tanja Gobec once in Odmevi?

(VIDEO) Did you know that one of the four RTV journalists who deliberately didn’t come to work was a drunk Tanja Gobec once in Odmevi?
(VIDEO) Did you know that one of the four RTV journalists who deliberately didn’t come to work was a drunk Tanja Gobec once in Odmevi?

It says: Tanja Brkić (Nova24tv.si)

After initially unofficial information about the four journalists at RTV, this is now also official information. Left-wing activist actions continue at RTV in such a way that even when the need is greatest, journalists simply do not come to work. The Slovenian news has now also given a name to those mentioned, they are supposed to be four experienced journalists who deny the claims of improper arrival, but this is hard to believe considering that among them is Tanja Gobec, who has already indulged in certain ” slips” while hosting the show, let’s remember her “drunk” hosting a few years ago.

As we reported, there were supposed to be big problems with the preparation of the evening news show on Friday, as four journalists who were supposed to be at work at Kolodvorska were not there. According to information from Slovenske novic, they are supposed to be experienced journalists, namely Gregor Drnovšek, Nejc Furlan, Rok Šuligoj and Tanja Gobec. Their alleged purpose of irresponsible “rebellion” in such a way would not be surprising considering that the latter has already indulged in worse slips in the past, one of which is certainly “drunkenness” while hosting a show on public television. Something like this is only possible in a public service, as the story would be very clear if someone in a private company did it.

RTV journalists are not worried about losing their jobs, on the contrary, according to our information, some have decided not to come to work on purpose. This became clear a few years ago, when presenter Tanja Gobec kept her job, even if she hosted the show in a state that many would consider “intoxicated”. They responded to claims that they deliberately did not come to work on Friday with the excuse that “they were not informed about the shortage of journalists on that day and that no one “officially” invited them, saying that they had approved leaves”.

Director of TV SLO mag. Uroš Urbanija (Photo: STA)

According to Slovenske novici, the director of TVS Uroš Urbanija did not want to comment on the matter, but said that his expectations are that “the arrival of employees to work is in accordance with the plans and that it is unthinkable that someone stays at home just because it is Friday, while referred to irresponsibility towards all citizens who pay as much as 153 euros per year for RTV content, as well as irresponsibility towards colleagues who feel their commitment to the public and do everything to ensure that the work is done according to the highest professional standards.”

Journalists on public television are used to being a “protected species”

Journalists at RTV have so far been a protected species, let’s recall the management of Tanja Gobec’s show, which a few years ago in the trailer for the evening show Odmevi at 10 p.m., she barely managed to predict the evening’s topics, and her performance sparked violent reactions on Twitter, where many wondered if the presenter was “drunk” leading the trailer. Gobčeva acted very unconvincingly in this trailer; she stuttered when speaking, her diction was unusual, she spoke very slowly, anyone would notice that it was not a normal performance.

Imagine coming to work drunk. What would your boss do? I would most likely send you home, then give you a stern talking to and sanction your unprofessional act. Now compare this with what happened to Tanja Gobec, who appeared in front of all of Slovenia intoxicated. Instead of going home, she went in front of the TV cameras and in front of the viewers on the small screens. She was sanctioned by not hosting Echoes for a while, they waited for the dust to settle and later behaved as if nothing had happened, she even got her own show as a “reward”! Are you still surprised that journalists took Friday off when they are practically untouchable? Unfortunately, the case of Tanja Gobec is not the only one, we have witnessed this and similar incompetence of the public television that we pay for many times. With all that is happening on the other side of the cameras, we can wonder when we will see real change for the better.

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