A gruesome fight in a barn, insults and knife-wielding

When it seems that relations in Andrea’s family cannot get any worse, a terrible fight will break out between the head of the family and Jan. The contestant will shout and insult accusations about wrongdoing, and Andrea will completely upset him with a knife in her hands.

Members Andrea’s families will wait in vain for instructions on the weekly assignment. The relations between them are completely broken, and there is no communication. In addition, it will also Aleswho helped the family a lot so that the first results started to show, this time declined the invitation to the day. May will say that they have already accepted the failure, and Andrea will be critical, saying that her family members rest all the time and only think about food.

Andrea and Jan will get into a terrible fight.PHOTO: POP TV

On the same day, a terrible fight will break out in the barn. The head of the family will have a strong argument with Janom, after alerting him to something he could do. Jan will get very upset, saying why is he the only one to be blamed for not working, when there are several members in the family. He will be even more upset when Andrea, after an avalanche of insults from him, will start winging it with a knife in her hand. He won’t sleep under the same roof that night for fear of her. Andrea: “He took the opportunity to turn it to his advantage and make me look bad and him the victim.”

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