she cried, at the end the leader was speechless

On Monday, an event took place on Nova24 commercial television, which left many viewers speechless. In the show, Kdo vam laže is the host Boris Tomašič a Slovenian pensioner called. She tearfully told her difficult story. According to her, her pension amounts to 620 euros, which barely covers rent, expenses and food. The gas bill hit the bottom of the barrel, as he has to pay 190 euros.

“How am I supposed to pay for this if I can’t even cook lunch for myself every day? “Well, I worked in a clinic for 40 years, 20 of them in the afternoon, but it’s not known anywhere,” asks the Štajera woman, who is saddened that the government doesn’t mention pensioners anywhere when it comes to helping in the fight against the scourge. The lady also revealed that she usually has a soup cube dissolved in water for lunch, as well as grated porridge and salad. “Sometimes I cook two eggs and a salad,” she told the presenter, who was shaken by this testimony, and then told the lady to leave the contact. The presenter finally called the Prime Minister Robert Golob and the minister Port of Mescathat the political games are over and that they should help the people, because the people have nothing to eat.

Will Novo24 be kept alive?

It should be added that Janez Janša’s party television is gathering its financial supporters and inviting them to a meeting at Tavčar’s mansion in Visoke pri Poljane. It offers members a discount card in its online store and free attendance at its annual supporters meeting for a monthly fee. “The media house Nova24TV was founded with the aim of breaking the media monopoly that we witnessed in the Slovenian media space. From the very beginning of our operations, we have always been subject to extraordinary political pressure. The new government dealt with us even more brutally and is trying to do everything to silence us,” they write in their appeal to supporters.

Supporters will receive a blue card for a 10 euro monthly membership fee, silver supporters will receive a silver card for a 20 euro monthly subscription, platinum supporters will receive a black and silver card for a 50 euro monthly subscription, and VIP supporters will receive a black and gold card for paying more than 50 euros per month; all these cards bring discounts when buying in the online store, namely the higher the membership fee they will pay, the bigger the discount they will receive.

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