The Italian Grande Fratello VIP (Big Brother) has opened its doors

The Italian Grande Fratello VIP (Big Brother) has opened its doors
The Italian Grande Fratello VIP (Big Brother) has opened its doors

After weeks of impatient waiting, both by Italian and foreign audiences, the seventh edition debuted on Monday, September 19 Grande Fratello Vippremiered on Canale 5. Alfonso Signorinia journalist and presenter still at the helm, with commentators from last year’s show next to him Sonia Bruganelli (48), wife of a well-known Italian leader Paolo Bonolis and Orietta Berti (79), famous singer and actress. In the first episode, 15 mostly famous VIP contestants entered the house. Today, September 22, they will be joined by eight more Vipov citizens. Let’s get to know them better, in order of appearance on Monday’s live show:

TV presenter and showgirl, Cristina Quaranta (50) made her debut in the world of television in 1990.

Antonino Spinalbese (27), young Italian entrepreneur and hairdresser, father Luna Marìborn in a love relationship with Belèn Rodriguezcurrently single.

Ginevra Lamborghini (29), sister of the notorious singer Elettra.

Charlie Gnocchi (59), one of the most famous voices on Italian radio and host of many TV shows.

Elenoire Ferruzzi (46), actress, singer and showgirla well-known transgender icon in the LGBTQ world.

Amaurys Perez (46), Olympic water polo player, of Cuban descent.

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Patricia Rossetti (63), one of the most popular faces of television in the 80s, is celebrating 40 years of his television career this year by attending GF VIP.

Antonella Fiordelisi (24), fencing champion and model.

Luca Salatino (30), known from the show Men and Women, one of the five best carbonara pasta chefs in Rome.

Pamela Prati (63), showgirlactress and TV presenter of Sardinian origin.

Attilio Romita (69), journalist and longtime host of the TV news program on Rai.

George Ciupilan (20), born in Romania, a tiktoker with over a million followers.

Sara Manfuso (38), specialized in social and political issues, expert in current affairs in various television spheres.

Alberto De Pisis (32), television commentator and well-known face in the world of show business, publicly identified homosexual.

Nikita Pelizon (28), model and participant of many reality shows.

In the 1,740 square meter house with countless cameras and microphones, which last season hosted residents for as long as six months, a few more contestants will move in today, 21 in total: a showgirl and an actress Carolina Marconi (44), Wilma Goich (76) pop singer, Gegia (63), comedic actress and singer, Sofia Giaele De Dona (24), influencer, Giovanni Ciacci (51), stylist, columnist, homosexual, the first HIV-positive participant in the history of the show, Edoardo Donnamaria (30), the new face of the legal show Forum.

Most of the residents of Vipov are over 50, which is quite good for Slovenians Big Brother not typical. We have at least five months of pleasure getting to know the residents in the most attractive, tense and interactive show of all time.

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