Andrea was in love with Jan, but she experienced a great disappointment

After a terrible fight in the barn, Andrea admitted that she had romantic feelings for Jan, but the infatuation turned into the biggest disappointment. Nevertheless, she didn’t care that Jan would spend the night under a warm sky.

Aneta is catching the last train

Aneta after the day, she said goodbye to her family, and before her departure, she secretly met with Aljazem, Tom and Karin. At the meeting, they changed tactics a bit, and Aneta once again expressed her desire to go to the duel. Aneta: “Let the last resort be my chance to come to the estate. Because the four musketeers will take the reins into our own hands.”

A secret meetingPHOTO: POP TV

Andrea’s family waits in vain for instructions

Andrea’s the family enjoyed a meager dinner despite the market, and the next morning they wondered how to proceed with the task. Peter he explained that they don’t even talk to the head of the family, let alone give them instructions. Andrea later explained that she does not communicate with the members, as each of her attempts ended tragically. Ivan and Vladislav they were just figuring out how to start baking, but they didn’t understand the plan. Meanwhile, the neighbors were already looking forward to the completion of the task.

Jan goes on a day trip

When Andrea went to the forest to Alesha invited to a dinner party, he refused it. He suggested that she take it with her Jana, who agreed, but reluctantly. Jan took the opportunity and told Peter to choose him for a duel next time. By the way, he betrayed that the challengers were running out of time. Danijelina and the family wanted Andrea’s help again.

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Insults and a knife

A fight broke out in the barn. Andrea scolded Jan, that he did nothing at all that day, but slept four hours longer. When she stated that he could at least clean up, he started yelling at her and abusing her. Andrea continued, saying that he had no right to insult her, while brandishing a knife, which further upset Jan. Sam described Andrea’s reaction as offensive, but he forgot his insults and was convinced that he was right. Because he was afraid, he no longer wanted to sleep with her under the same roof.

May on the wallpaper

Natalia brought the two families together in the square to pour themselves pure wine. She was there mainly on the wallpaper May. Monica she said that she was rude to them in the first week, they also mentioned the supposed watered down milk and the promised salad that they are still waiting for. Aljaž also pointed out the mess in the house that they left behind.

Maja was on the wallpaper.
Maja was on the wallpaper.PHOTO: POP TV

There is no hope left for Andrea’s family

Danijela’s family then boasted about the finished task. The head of the family said that they stepped together, and the completed task is the result of their style. Andrea explained that she felt bad, but her family could take the initiative. Aljaž commented that Andrea always took care of her teammates, but they don’t appreciate it. Jan continued, saying that Andrea withdrew and did not give them instructions, Peter added that they were also afraid of her: “Half an hour ago she was threatening at the table with a knife.” When asked what else the head of the family can do to improve relations, they said nothing.

Other duelists are Denis and Vladislav

In the end, one family chose a different duelist from the other. In Danijela’s family, it was already decided that she would go to a possible duel with Tom Denis, as Aljaž had immunity. As Ivan’s opponent, Andrea’s family unanimously chose Vladislav, who, in their opinion, was the second strongest member in the family. Both couples had to move to the kaiža, but only the couple from the defeated family in the weekly task will have to go to the arena.

Andrea experienced a great disappointment.
Andrea experienced a great disappointment.PHOTO: POP TV

Jan leaves the stable

Andrea provided her family with a special dinner prepared by her neighbors. She hoped they would be at least a little more satisfied, even if they didn’t deserve it. Despite this, Jan was determined not to sleep in or near the stable. For Andrea, this was further proof that he is a spoiled mama’s boy. Andrea: “I am no longer in love with Jan, I experienced the biggest disappointment from him.” She didn’t care because he was going to sleep outside, but she was sure he would come back to the ‘hotel’ at night.


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