50 Years Later: Sacheen Littlefeather Officially Accepts Academy Apology

She accepted the apology on the event with address Evening with Sacheen Littlefeatherwhich took place at the Los Angeles Film Academy Museum, reports The Independent.

She promised Marlon Brando that she would not even touch the statue itself. Photo: Getty Images

“I am here and I accept this apology. Not only for myself, but as a recognition, because I know that it is not only for myself, but for all our nations, who also need to hear and deserve this apology. I want all Indians in this audience to stand up. Look at our people, look at each other and be proud that we all survived.” she said in response to the apology issued by the former president of the Academy David Rubin.

She continued: “Please, when I’m gone, remember that whenever you stand up for your truth, you’re also preserving my voice and the voices of our nations and people. I remain Sacheen Littlefeather. Thank you.”

“The abuse you suffered because of your statement was undeserved and unfounded,” David Rubin wrote in the letter. “The emotional toll you have endured and the damage your career in our industry has suffered is irreparable. For too long, no one has recognized the courage you have shown. We extend our deepest apologies and sincere admiration,” wrote Rubin in June.

She presented herself on stage as a member of the Apaches
Let’s remember. When Marlon Brando won an Oscar for his role in The Godfather, an actress and activist attended the award instead of him Sacheen Littlefeather, who said that the actor refuses the award. She came on stage in traditional clothing and introduced herself as a member of the Apache and the president of the National Committee for the Positive Image of Native Americans.

Her words were met with some small sounds of support, but mostly boos from those who disagreed with her political views at the ceremony.

After the scandal at the Oscars, Sacheen Littlefeather was, in her own words, “silenced” and there was no way she could get work in the film industry. Photo: AP

“Brando with “It is with great regret that I cannot accept this very generous award due to the treatment of Native Americans in the film industry.” she said. “I hope I didn’t spoil the evening and that we can meet in the future with love and generosity in hearts and minds.”


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Sacheen Littlefeather: The government prevented me from appearing in films

Brand’s rejection was also related with the authorities’ response to the incident at Wounded Knee: Native American representatives occupied a town in South Dakota, where they encountered resistance from the federal authorities.

According to her, it is John Wayne what happened that evening was particularly disturbing. The western star played a struggling cowboy in many of his films with indigenous characters. “During my speech, he walked towards me to forcibly carry me away with stage, with six security guards holding him back to prevent him from doing so,” she told The Guardian in 2021.

Littlefeatherwho acted in films The Laughing A policemanThe Trial of Billy Jack and Johnny Firecloud, previously revealed that she was blacklisted from the entertainment industry after rejecting Brando’s Oscar. After the movie Shoot the Sun Down in 1978 Littlefeather she didn’t get a role in any more cinematic to the project.

After that, she appeared only in a documentary Reel Injun in 2009, before telling her story in a short documentary in 2018 Sacheen: Breaking the Silence.

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