Kmetija’s contestant fell to the ground in pain

Family members will be angry with Andrea for trading her pajamas for three eggs. The head of the family will be in great pain that very day and will collapse on the floor before the new shift. Manja and Aljaž will also have a crisis, because they both want to leave the estate.

Black clouds gathered over the family in the barn. Less will have a crisis in the morning and will want to go home. In tears she will say: “I came here to get to know nature, to help me. Well, not me.It seems to her that she is surrounded by people who sooner or later will stab her in the back, and she would like to withdraw at the right time.

Less will break. PHOTO: POP TV

The first drama will be followed by the second, as the family members will discover that three precious eggs have disappeared. Andrea will be visibly weak that very day and after the avalanche of accusations, she will note disappointedly: “They didn’t care how I actually felt. They only care about their empty stomachs.Later, she will collapse on the floor in pain, and to make matters worse, family members will not believe her that she is not feeling well.

Andrea will collapse in pain.
Andrea will collapse in pain.PHOTO: POP TV

A new copy is coming to the estate Farmer’s newspaper, in which the contestants will read a very important piece of news. This time, stones will be passed over the fence, which will be an exceptional opportunity for families to cook for each other honestly. Aljaz will be completely floored by it: “Now my plan fell flat.

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