The new concept excites patrons and broadcasters

The new concept excites patrons and broadcasters
The new concept excites patrons and broadcasters

The Dalmatian island of Hvar has been the “second home” of the president of the European Football Association for a quarter of a century Aleksandar Čeferin. This year, he also brought his closest colleagues to Dalmatia, with whom he will hold a meeting today, at which the umbrella organization will make some new important decisions.

Čeferin, who is currently vacationing in Hvar and Dalmatia, also held an interesting conversation with Slobodna Dalmacija and touched on some of the most exciting topics, such as the new concept of the Champions League, the Super League, the war in Ukraine,…

In the 2024/25 season, the strongest club competition will have 36 clubs. “It will be much more interesting than the current one, now in principle it is already known after two games who will advance. The new format will be a league one, so there will be many problems until the end and it will not be known until the end who will still be in the battle for the title in the spring. Sponsors and broadcasters are excited. I mean, the Champions League hit the mark,” Čeferin commented on the new LP concept. By updating the LP format, Uefa also dealt with the idea of ​​a super league.

“The Superliga did not encourage the creation of a new concept, because as a rule, you don’t fix what works, you just update it. It was the big clubs who warned us that they knew after two games that they would advance and that this was not interesting enough. What the clubs wanted was to qualify for the LP based on historical success. Uefa did not allow this. The LP should be an open competition and everyone should have a chance to qualify,” said the 54-year-old Grosupeljčan from Nyon, who believes that the idea of ​​a super league for the next 10, 15 years is forgotten.

“It was the brainchild of elitists who thought football was a business. But they saw that the fans were not interested in it. It’s a finished story for me. Three clubs still dream of her in principle, no one wants to play with them,” Čefer’s Super League is no longer exciting, and he also rejected the information that Uefa is planning an LP final in the USA in the future.

A more unpleasant topic is the war in Ukraine, due to which Russian clubs are excluded from European competitions. “Until we decide otherwise, they will be punished. We monitor the situation daily. We hope that the war will be over as soon as possible. Some governments should understand that sports federations decide this, not governments. War is war, everything else is politics. If necessary, UEFA will decide, no government will talk about what we should do,” Čeferin was clear.

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