How the movie Don’t worry, darling became a psychological thriller at the Venice festival

Stylishly and attractively shot, Don’t Worry Darling, which made its actors salivate, undoubtedly grabbed everyone’s attention and sealed itself, as Vogue described it, as a genuine “psychological thriller in its own right”. Directed by Olivia Wilde and her second directorial venture, the film follows a perfect American couple until holes start to appear in their utopian life. After the screening at the Venice Film Festival, where it received a five-minute standing ovation, it became the subject of the hottest rumors even before its official release. He became besieged with gossip about love triangles, feuds and teammates spitting on each other. Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, who play the lead roles in the film, are the subject of much gossip about the two-year feud, allegations and leaked emails. Below is a summary of the main rumors that stick to the film (and the festival).

Shia LaBeouf and his uncredited lead role

The actor, who was initially considered for the role of Jack Chambers, caused a lot of questions about what happened on set after the early cancellation of the role, which was then given to Harry Styles. It all started with the apparent tarnishing of LaBeouf’s work ethic when Olivia Wilde was in favor Variety said that he was supposed to be Shia dismissed from “respect to Florence”. She mentioned that she has on her sets “no jerks rule” and yes “his behavior was not consistent with the ethos he demands from his productions”. She claimed it was his behavior “belligerent” and that by firing she made the executive decision she sought to create “secure and confidential” environment for its actors and camera crew.

Don’t worry, honey: Shia LaBeouf.PHOTO: Profimedia

Shia, however, saw his departure from the film differently. After the article was published, he wrote to the magazine Variety and presented them with two e-mails that he allegedly exchanged with the director. In one is written a message that he also sent to Olivia after reading the article. He explained that he appreciated the kind words she had for his work in previous films, but that he was “surprised at the narrative of his forgiveness”. LaBeouf claimed that he was not fired at all. He wrote to the former director; “I stopped shooting your film because we didn’t find time to rehearse with the other actors. I’ve never been fired, Olivia. I fully understand the appeal of such a story given the current social environment and the impact it has on it. But it’s not the truth.” He also shared a clip of Wilde allegedly asking Shia to return to the set just two days after his cancellation. But the video more than anything else hints at the dispute between Florence and Olivia. In it, Wilde mentioned during her persuasion that “this is a call of seriousness for Miss Flo” (apparently referring to Florence) and that “I would like to know if he is ready to give the project a chance”. Shortly after the clip was leaked, the mocking nickname became a trending topic on Twitter.

Florence Pugh and her bad taste in movies

Most of the rumors that were whispered about the subject of the film, however, revolved around the main actress, Florence Pugh. Most of them testified about her dissatisfaction with the trailer of the film and its management. Fans of the 26-year-old actress pointed out that while she usually proudly posts pictures and stories of her projects, she was about the film Don’t worry, dear quietly in an eyebrow-raising way. The only one “promotion”, which she intended was a criticism of the film’s marketing. The trailer, which was not to her liking, attracted global attention due to the explicit sex scenes that took place between the two lead actors. She wanted to distance herself from the sexual discourse that had begun to take shape, and told the magazine Harper’s Bazaar; ”That’s not why I’m in this industry. When it’s reduced to your sex scenes and you’re watching the most famous man in the world go ‘down on you’ – we don’t do it for that.” The director, however, gave a different opinion about the promotion of female pleasure in the film when she mentioned it in the magazine Variety: “Men do not experience orgasm in this film. Only women!”

Don’t worry, dear: Florence PughPHOTO: Profimedia

Rumors gained momentum when the lead actress did not attend the film’s press conference in Venice, appearing only on the red carpet. This is said to be due to her busy schedule – she was shooting for a film in Budapest Dunes, and her plane landed in Venice only after the conference ended. At this, journalists asked Wilde about her dispute with the actress, to which she answered “The internet doesn’t need a reason to inflate stories. I don’t think I need to add anything as the story is very well nurtured.’Regardless of the alleged dispute, however, she added a eulogy for her leading lady: “Florence is the driving force behind this film and I am beyond grateful that she was able to attend tonight’s event.” Speculation about a feud with Olivia has intensified when her co-star is on the set of the film Dunes, Timothée Chalametwas able to clear several days from his schedule to promote his romantic drama “Bones and All”. Given that both films, Dunes and Don’t worry, dear, distributed under the same production company Warner Bros., it would not be wrong to assume that a flexible schedule could be put together for Pugh to promote the film. Especially because the film has such a well-known cast.

After the red carpet, the stylist hired by Florence posted pictures with the actress and wrote below the post, which the internet perceived as an indirect tease aimed at the director, “Miss Flo”. This encouraged users Instagramthat they linked the post with comments about Shia LaBeouf.

Don't worry, dear: Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde.
Don’t worry, dear: Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde.PHOTO: Profimedia

It was also rumored that Pugh and Wilde had a falling out over Florence “She didn’t support the fact that her director ran away with the main actor so many times during filming”. The source is a web portal PageSix reported that “Flo didn’t take well to Olivia and Harry flaunting their romance in front of everyone, because Olivia was still in a relationship with Jason when she started dating Harry.”

Olivia Wilde and her romantic relationship with Harry Styles

Over Instagram the immortalized union of Olivia and the famous singer, came under the sharp eye of critics when they appeared emotionally distant from each other at the premiere of the film.

They met for the first time on the set Don’t worry, dearwhich Wilde told the magazine later in 2020 People and added that she was thrilled to learn that he would be playing her male lead. The same month as the article, however, it was also revealed that Olivia had broken up with her fiance of several years Jason Sudeikis with whom she shares two children. At the time, the tabloids reported that there was no juicy story as the reason for the breakup, but only “there was no more falling in love”. Which is questionable considering the alleged handing over of child custody papers Olivia got while on stage at this year’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Sudeikis claimed that he was not informed that such a thing would happen and added that yes “I would never have allowed the papers to be handed to her in such an inappropriate manner.”

Don't worry, dear: Florence Pugh.
Don’t worry, dear: Florence Pugh.PHOTO: Profimedia

In early 2021, however, when photos of Olivia and Harry holding hands at a wedding began to appear, a sea of ​​rumors about the seriousness of their relationship flooded the web. There are speculations about the cooling of the romance that appeared after the Venice Festival Harper’s Bazaar refuted saying that they were “wanted to focus on the movie and not on their relationship”.

Chris Pine and spit

An actor most people know for his role in the second part of The Princess Diaries, the movie Don’t worry, dear plays Styles’ boss and sat between Olivia and Harry during a screening of the film at the festival. And while this may sound like nothing surprising, after the clip appeared online, rumors began to spread about the spit that Harry allegedly aimed at Chris. In it, Styles is said to have spat in his teammate’s lap while sitting on his chair. Some claim that Chris’s later reaction was just a reaction to finding the glasses that were resting in his lap and that he had allegedly been losing them all day. Still others agree “with a conspiracy of spit”. As evidence, they pointed out the facial expressions that Pine had at the press conference, which were supposed to convey dissatisfaction and annoyance towards Harry.

Don't worry, honey: Chris Pine.
Don’t worry, honey: Chris Pine.PHOTO: Profimedia

In response to the spat, a rep for Chris announced to E!Newsthat is an assertion “completely made up”, but that didn’t stop the massiveness the clip garnered. Styles also commented on the exchange, laughing on stage at his Love on Tour in New York: “I just made a quick trip to Venice to spit on Chris Pine.”

Cinema and its harmonious experience

Cinematographer Matthew Libatiquea two-time Academy Award nominee, is featured in the latest episode of The Hollywood Reporter “Behind the Screen” told the podcast that the recording was for a movie Don’t worry, dearthe most harmonious of all in which he participated. “From my perspective, all the stories are made up as far as filming is concerned.” He only added that the drama could only begin to unfold after he left and was taking place in post-production, in which he was not involved. ”Whatever could have happened happened after I left… I never witnessed anything. And I never perceived anything to be wrong. Usually you get the feeling that something is happening, but I didn’t feel anything.” He also expressed positive criticism towards the director, in which he mentioned that “believed in everyone on set”.

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