Accessibility of sporting events for all Slovenians: “This is the first but important step”

Accessibility of sporting events for all Slovenians: “This is the first but important step”
Accessibility of sporting events for all Slovenians: “This is the first but important step”

The Association of Slovenian Digital Television Service Operators welcomes the publication of the List of Events of Special Importance. They expect that, on this basis, the competent institutions will ensure that events of special importance will be accessible to at least 75 percent of Slovenes from now on without additional payments.

The unpublished list of events of special importance has upset the public in recent years and made it impossible for the majority of television viewers to watch some of the most important matches of the Slovenian national team, according to To the Association of Slovenian Operators of Digital Television Services (ZSODT-GIZ). The Association did not doubt whether the list is valid or not, but now, according to their belief, the last doubts regarding the obligation to broadcast important sports events have been removed.

“The legislation is quite clear in this regard and provides for the transmission of such events in such a way that they reach at least 75% coverage and are available without additional payments in television packages. Due to non-compliance with the legislation, the majority of viewers were deprived of some important sports events for the last two years ,” emphasized ZSODT-GIZ.

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The government approved the list of important sports television broadcasts



The association also emphasized that the obligations of the current legislation regarding the achievement of a sufficient number of viewers are binding on the broadcaster of the TV program. “The purchase of exclusive rights for major sporting events should not be a reason for operators to be obliged to pay for the distribution of TV programs, which, in addition to major sporting events, mostly offer other, less commercially interesting content,” they emphasized. ZSODT-GIZ.

They also believe that important sports events, which must be available to as wide a circle of spectators as possible, should be separated from other sports events and competitions. “The latter should be available to those spectators who are interested in these sports events and, if necessary, are ready to pay extra for them, while more important sports events should be accessible to everyone,” ZSODT-GIZ wrote.


Sports broadcasts are moving inexorably to pay TV programs

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