(VIDEO) Golob MP unable to have a cultural conversation on TV, that’s exactly why we need a referendum

(VIDEO) Golob MP unable to have a cultural conversation on TV, that’s exactly why we need a referendum
(VIDEO) Golob MP unable to have a cultural conversation on TV, that’s exactly why we need a referendum

It says: Tanja Brkić (Nova24tv.si)

“This discourse is very difficult precisely because of these vile incitements, the discourses inside the house were the same when we already tried to converge the point of view in the past, because in my opinion the former colleague was already non-objective, so far the arrangement worked, now that in the right-wing programming world suddenly doesn’t work?”, said Tom Zalaznik, who has been employed at the public service for 37 years. He referred to the extremely inappropriate and chaotic behavior of the Freedom Movement MP Mojca Šetinc Pašek, who inappropriately and impolitely interrupted all the guests, including the host Igor Pirkovič, throughout the show. It seemed as if her visit to the show was aimed at direct attacks on the guests, as she was not able to have a normal discourse or give an objective opinion on matters, which was only one of the indicators of how “freedom” imagines the operation of the public service and why is the referendum on the Broadcasting Act so important.

“Arena on the depoliticization of the public service @RTV_Slovenija Guests Mojca Pašek Šetinctoday a member of parliament @Gibanje_Svoboda nervous, aggressive, unprofessional! Her contributions were the same when she was still a journalist of the same media company”. was just one of the many comments by Twitter users on the behavior of MP Gibanja Svoboda, who behaved extremely inappropriately throughout the show. While the aforementioned party talks about normal objective discourses, the depoliticization of public institutions and cultural behavior, Šetinc Paškova showed a realistic picture of their intentions. To indecently and chaotically interrupt any discourse that is not in accordance with their opinion or belief, which is one more indication of why the referendum on the RTVS law is so important.

The purpose of the law on RTV is to withdraw political parties from the public institution, which was first spoken about by Mojca Pašek Šetinc from Gibanj Svoboda, who boasted of 25 years of professional journalism, saying that as such she is aware of the influence of RTVS’s political activities, therefore to her, the withdrawal of “radical political parties” from the supervisory body makes sense, especially since, according to her, matters have become “unmanageable” in the last two years, as evidenced by the accusations received by journalists who came to protest in studio.

Mojca Pašek Šetinc constantly burst into words (photo: screen capture)

Despite the words of the MPŠ, which suggest that SDS is the “problematic political party” that is said to be causing problems for the public institution, the SDS deputy gave her reply Alenka Jerajwho summarized the words of the presidential candidate Nataše Pirc Musar, who publicly stated some time ago that RTVS is under the influence of the Social Democrats. Jerajeva is convinced that the law will not bring anything positive in this direction, as it goes in the direction of putting people who are very active politicians in leading positions, like Janez Kocjančič was in the past. The MPŠ responded to this, specifically blaming Jerajeva and even the leader Igor Pirkovič, saying that the SDS had taken over everything, while at the same time pushed the employees to the edge, saying that they were only fighting for their professional status. Really? Let us remind you that only in the last period have there been many “professional and independent journalists” ventured into political waters, and this surprises only the left pole. And it was precisely this “professional” behavior that the MPŠ was talking about that came to the fore in the show, when Jerajeva did not let her speak, she even interrupted the presenter, after which he managed to calm her down so that he could continue with his work.

With the Broadcasting Act, everything will become even more politicized

With a question about ensuring the quality of information and unbiased reporting, the presenter turned to Lenart J. Kučič from the Ministry of Culture, who said that the parties had 18 years to “that they prove themselves in the appointment to the supervisory bodies of the public service and that, despite the fact that they could have placed top experts in leading positions, they did not do so, so it is time for new arrangements”. That the proposal of the new law is only “a travesty of what happened from the 90s to 2006, according to a long-time employee of RTV”, Tom Zalaznik, who is convinced that everything will become even more politicized with this law. “If you really wanted to depoliticize RTVS, you should put firefighters in leading positions”, said Zalaznik, who once again rudely wanted to be interrupted by Šetinc Paškova. When the latter got the floor, a wave of accusations erupted from her mouth, specifically on the side of SDS, which was supposed to “take over the public service” in February. Horrified by her behavior, many Twitter users came forward.

All accusations of political bias were clearly rejected by the director of TVS Uroš Urbanija, who said in the article that he meets all the professional requirements, but that, unlike past members, prominent members of the SD, he has never been politically engaged, so the accusations are irrelevant. He admitted that in case of violation of the rules, as a director, he is obliged to take action, and he will. He is aware of the importance of the plurality of RTVS, with which Zalaznik also agrees, claiming that something like this can only be achieved by involving various interest groups. Kučič agrees with the idea of ​​”self-management” in a way, since the workers already have their representatives on RTV, and journalists know best how to do their work and autonomy is part of that, which does not mean that they will not make mistakes, which is need to be taken into account. Jerajeva agreed that both journalists and viewers should have a say, “payers of the RTV contribution“, she said and asked Kučič to explain why listeners and viewers will not have much choice in the future, “why should only certain exclusives have this option”.

Constant attacks and unprofessional behavior of Šetinc Paškova

When the MPŠ got the floor, it again used it as an attack on Zalaznik, accusing him of always working in favor of the management. “apparently also this time”. The arrogant and unacceptable behavior of MPŠ, which throughout the show attacked all the guests, as well as the presenter, continued with this until the end, among other things, she criticized Pirkovič for the time he spends outside the working day, “I think that we live in freedom and that I can move around freely in the afternoon”. Pirkovič replied to her.

“This discourse is very difficult precisely because of these vile incitements”, said Zalaznik, whom MPŠ wanted to interrupt, after which he snapped at her “can I finish without you interrupting me, please?” This “discourse is made very difficult even in the public house, when they already tried to reconcile positions in the past, because in my opinion, our former colleague was, in my opinion, non-objective.” Zalaznik very clearly highlighted the key issue of the entire discourse, namely the fact that the left option claims that “The arrangement didn’t work, but now it will under the new law. So the law worked for 17 years, but now that, after a long time, the majority of the programming world is right-wing, it just doesn’t work anymore?”. An SDS deputy also commented on the matter Andrej Hoivik, Arena summary: (De)politicization @RTV_Slovenija in 1 min”.

Pirkovič, as a presenter, found himself in an extremely unpleasant situation because of the MP, but he did his job professionally, which was also noticed by the viewers. A Twitter user wrote: “Well done sir @IPirkovic for today’s management of the Arena, now we could see with our own eyes how hostile and aggressive the former journalist and current member of the freedom movement Mojca Pašek Šetinc is against those who think differently!

“No law will put RTV on a solid foundation for a long time, journalism is in crisis, because the compass has been lost“, said the former director of TV Slovenija Ljerka Bizilj, who believes that the proposal to cancel the RTV contribution is reckless, because Slovenia cannot have many competing television stations due to its small size, so a public service that should provide unbiased information from all areas is necessary. The RTV Act should enable this professionalism and firmness, regardless of authority. In her opinion, politics will not disappear from the public institution, regardless of the change of program councilors by civil society. “this is demagogic, attractive, even for Brussels”, she is convinced. Different opinions must be presented, democracy means that we think differently and that they must be at least approximately equally represented”, Jerajeva said at the end.

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