Who are the next five semifinalists of Slovenia has talent?


The fourth semi-final show Slovenia has talent is ahead of us. Who will compete for a place in the final of the ninth season of the show Slovenia has talent? Which point will convince viewers the most?

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Buckwheat Stina Turk

Age: 28 years

Place of residence: Domžale

Ajda Stina Turek is Marjeta’s golden button. In 2018, she graduated with the highest grades from the prestigious Berklee School of Music. It bothers her when people criticize her schooled voice. He says that such people don’t realize that talent needs a lot of work to really master it. After returning to Slovenia, Ajda Stina wants to be better known as a musician in her homeland.

Niki Knežević

Place of residence: Maribor

As a boy, Niki Knežević was given a box as a gift, where 20 tricks with gadgets were explained, and this is how the development of his talent began. He says that some people close to him are convinced that he really has supernatural powers. In the future, he wants to perform on stage in front of 10,000 or more people.

Viktor Gasiunas

Age: 10 years

Place of residence: Male Lašče

Two years ago, 10-year-old Viktor Gasiunas fled to Slovenia with his family before the war in Ukraine. The Ukrainian and European break dance champion wishes that his father could come to Slovenia soon. The young dancer trains hard every day and hopes to one day show his skills on other continents.


Matjaž and Tina, Ardadakarba

Age: 30 and 32 years

Place of residence: Ptuj

Matjaž and Tina from the Ardadakarba circus call themselves unique. They do their work with love, and if they win, they would do a free circus show at all elementary schools in Slovenia. They convey two important messages to all who follow them: “Follow your dreams” and “Be who you are”.


Maria Sofia Tovar Brčić

Age: 17 years

Place of residence: Škofja Loka

Maria Sofia is proud that, despite her shyness, she dared to apply for Talente. Ever since she can remember, she has loved to sing. She wishes that one day she wouldn’t be afraid and wouldn’t care what others think of her. For herself, she considers herself a talented 17-year-old singer who will improve a lot over the years.

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