Mateja got pregnant as a teenager

Mateja got pregnant as a teenager
Mateja got pregnant as a teenager

The last time Mateja saw her son live was the day he brought her to the reality show. The thought of him brings tears to her eyes especially since they have been closely related since her teenage years.

In tonight’s show, Mateja will start learning practical skills, which will awaken in her long-ago memories of high school, pregnancy and motherhood. As a student, she became pregnant, but despite the difficult conditions, she persisted and did not give up school even after the birth of her son.

“Because I was such a young mother, I had the status of an athlete, I had a teaching contract, and I had to study by myself all the time and I only went for exams. It seems to me that I relived that a little bit, what feelings I had then, when I studied and went to school just to be a good role model for Leonel.” will explain Mateja, who is strongly attached to her son even now that he is no longer a little boy and does not need her as much as years ago.

“It’s hard to switch to putting yourself first. Regardless of whether I’m in a good or bad mood, he’s always the person who really is the biggest motivation in my life.” will explain the 33-year-old, who is now already happy with her Leonel, since the Kmetija show stopped filming a month and a half ago.

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