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It ended again among the spectators, this time the rules were changed

It ended again among the spectators, this time the rules were changed
It ended again among the spectators, this time the rules were changed

Last night, Domen and Ahmed made it to the finals of the show Slovenia has talent.

Last night, the third semi-final pre-selection of the show Slovenia has talent took place. The winner of the evening became a singer Beak domain, to which the viewers gave the most telephone votes, but it got stuck in second place, because the jury was tied, which happened for the first time in the season, so the second ticket to the final was also decided by telephone voting. In addition to Domn, a Palestinian acrobat made it to the finals Ahmed Kullab.

Facebook commenters were very upset by this, and some came to Ahmed’s defense:

“God help me, this year’s talents are a disaster and a mess. I think that Domen deservedly got to the finals. I don’t know about this Ahmed, if he deserved to get to the finals. I think too much politics in the background was to blame for a decision.”

“Well done Domen, really a real talent. The voting should be public… I don’t know, so many comments about Ahmed, but in the end he goes to the final. I don’t understand.”

“Well done, a well-deserved victory for Domn. It is very sad that the jury was deciding between the other two and that they sent Ahmed to the final. We are gathering SLOVENIA HAS TALENT and it would be fair to have local performers in the final. But I hope that Domen wins .”

“Ahmet showed his talent, no matter where he came from.”

“Here he showed his talent, what is happening there, is happening. You are racists yourself. Ours have also been to talent shows elsewhere, but no one treats them like that.”

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