LTH Castings confirmed the role of the most pleasant surprise

LTH Castings confirmed the role of the most pleasant surprise
LTH Castings confirmed the role of the most pleasant surprise

In the 8th round of the Nova KBM league, LTH Castings basketball players defeated Illyria 96:85 (21:20, 49:45, 64:74).

* Kodeljevo Hall, 170 spectators, referees: Majkič (Hrastnik), Španić (Postojna), Škrbec (Kranj).
* Illyria: Ščekić 2, Ferme 9 (4:4), Padjen 3, Orel 10 (1:1), Macura 4 (1:2), Mikuš 11 (0:1), Mulalić 12 (1:1), Kureš 13 (1:2), Barišić 8 (2:3), Klobučar 13 (3:4).
* LTH Castings: Lampret 9 (1:1), Robinson 19 (5:8), Jugovic 3 (1:2), Ristić 11 (1:3), Frelih 10 (2:2), Kerić 13, Bilić 9 ( 4:6), Rojc 8 (2:2), White 14 (2:3).
* Free throws: Illyria 13:18, LTH Castings 18:27.
* Three-point shot: Ilirija 12:33 (Mulalić 3, Kureš 2, Klobučar 2, Orel, Macura, Ferme, Padjen, Mikuš), LTH Castings 8:25 (Kerić 3, White 2, Lampret 2, Bilić).
* Personal fouls: Illyria 25, LTH Castings 20.
* Five personal: Barišić (36th).

LTH Castings basketball players have confirmed the role of the most pleasant surprise of the opening of the new season of the Nova KBM league. They beat Illyria at Kodeljevo, with whom they shared the winnings 4-3 after seven rounds.

With two well-deserved points, the Ločans extended their winning streak in the DP and the Spar Cup to six games, while the Ljubljanans broke a streak of four successes.

Coach Luke Bassin’s squad won all four quarters with a team and collected game, and held the advantage sovereignly throughout the second half. Stipe Modrić’s players couldn’t keep up with her, even though five of them had double-digit points, and eight different Ilirija scorers hit a three-pointer.

Kendall Robinson (19 points, 8 rebounds) stood out for LTH Castings, which had almost 70% shooting for two points, the second American Curtis White added 14 points, and Elvis Kerić had 13 (3-5 three-pointers).

Ilirija will host Podčetrtek in the next round on November 25, while LTH Castings will host Šentjur the day before.

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