Tim at work stared in astonishment

Tim at work stared in astonishment
Tim at work stared in astonishment

As you know, the contestants of the Farm have already returned to their everyday life. For example, Tim returned to work, where a big surprise awaited him.

Recording reality the show Farm has been closed for some time, and the contestants are getting used to returning to the outside world. Because it is Team Novak mentioned several times that he is employed in a home for the elderly, we were interested in how he was received there when he returned to work. Do the wards monitor the Farm at home?

“They’re following, they’re following! And they are cheering to the fullest! When I wasn’t there, they watched every show and went to bed late because of it,” Tim explained to us with a laugh, who was completely stunned when he arrived at the workplace, because he was cheered on by both employees and the elderly and their relatives. “When I’m at work, they stop me every step of the way, they cheer me on, they want to take pictures, and they also give me various things for good luck,” Tim explained to us, and he was particularly moved because many of the residents cried when he arrived, because they were overjoyed that he was back and that they would be spending time together again.

Well, Tim is back and now they can chat happily about what’s still happening on TV screens. Of course, they also comment on how he is doing on the property. “They tell me that although I am very diligent and very hardworking, but maybe a little too fastidious,” laughs the young competitor.

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