Jan Knez will also spend the winter in a container


Jan lives in a living container.

photo: Personal archive

We checked how the former contestant of the Kmetija show Jan Knez is living after the arson. Did they step on the toes of the perpetrators and why has Jan slept more peacefully in the last period?

It happened one night in the middle of April when he Jan Knez life crumbled to dust. Literally. Armed perpetrators shot at him and burned down his new house. Seven months have passed since then, so we checked the condition of the house and how Jan and his doe Mishko are getting through life.

“Things are going really slowly with regards to the house renovation. It’s all very expensive, I’m really careful how I turn every euro I got from good people. There are still quite a few things to complete. The painting is done, but I still don’t have any of the furniture and the facade is still in disarray. They tried their hardest to help the Humanitarian Society Upornik, they really try, but they also help others who need help. That’s why it stopped for me too,” Jan explained to us, adding that everything points to the fact that he will have to survive the winter in a living container, which is located on the home plot. To speed up the renovation of the house himself is unfortunately just a dream, as he has too modest a pension.

Jan and Mishko in front of the house.

photo: Personal archive

But what is happening with the investigation of the perpetrators of the crime?

Did they find the people who burned down his home and shot at him? “No, unfortunately the police are not informing me about this so I don’t know what is happening with the case. They said they were on their trail, but now everything has gone quiet. But I still hope that they will be discovered.” says Knez, explaining that the videos of the perpetrators, recorded by the neighbor’s camera, are constantly playing before his eyes. However, following the recommendation of criminal investigators, he took care of protection. “During this time, I passed the exams and the entire procedure for obtaining a gun license. Now I sleep more peacefully, because I took care of my own safety. I also now have the entire property under alarm and video surveillance,” Jan confided to us, stressing that it should be added that he would like to thank all the good people who helped him.

“Villagers and neighbors came to my aid, and donors from the Red Cross, Caritas, the Kramberger Fund, the Fram municipality, the Toti Lisjaki association, as well as Tednik TV Slovenija listened to me.”


This is the current state of the Janoa house.

photo: Personal archive


Jan showed us how the work on the house is going.

photo: Personal archive

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