The real reason for Marcelo’s departure from the Farm


Marcel Verbič

photo: POP TV

There’s only 21 fucking days to go, and they sent me home! All honor to them!’ says Marcel, who knows the tactics for success, but couldn’t play them himself due to principle.

He left the battle for 50 thousand euros Marcel Verbič, who was considered one of the most competitive contestants of this year’s Kmeti show. The 24-year-old did not prove himself in the arena this time either, he was beaten by a good advantage both in the power game and in the skill game Žan Simonić.

Žan celebrated his victory in the arena.

photo: VOYO

“I feel disappointed, but I have accepted the fact that I lost. There are only 21 fucking days to go, and they sent me home! Kudos to them! They got what they wanted. But I would definitely like to stay, fight to the end for these 50 thousand euros, because they would really come in handy. But if it didn’t work, we have nothing. But I have the opportunity to try again next year if I want to. I still think that you are only a real winner when you know how to accept defeat and when you go home with your head held high.” said Marcel, who has a very good opinion of the Kmetija project itself.

“It’s a really great experience, you learn a lot about yourself and life in general, about farming, how to work with people, and about relationships. So I don’t regret coming here. Maybe we’ll even see each other again.”


Marcel and Žan after the duel.

photo: VOYO

Marcel came to the farm well prepared, but during his stay on the property he realized above all that he is much more patient than he thought. “It’s about being really strong and patient here so you don’t break.”

Today, he believes that a good tactic for success is above all to be neutral, to try to get along with everyone, not to argue and not to step into the foreground. Unfortunately, he would not be able to follow these tips himself, as he is a man who has to express his opinion and stand up for himself. “I can’t let him mess with me, whether it’s 50 thousand euros or one euro, it’s the same for me.”


Marcel had to say goodbye.

photo: VOYO

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