Farm: They used to love each other, now they’re obviously going to kill each other

Farm: They used to love each other, now they’re obviously going to kill each other
Farm: They used to love each other, now they’re obviously going to kill each other

Passions will rekindle on the estate, but this time the spark will not be ignited by love.

Jean and Suzanne they were happily in love until recently.

They were as bouncy as bunnies at night – the cameras caught it all!

The fact that all good things do come to an end is also confirmed by the breakup of their relationship, for which the main culprit is Žan, who is convinced that Suzana has betrayed him. Because of this, he has been walking around the estate for several days reluctantly, and yesterday, after voting with pebbles, he got into an argument with Matthew.

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“You won’t get rid of me,” he told her condescendingly after the pebble voting was over. Mateja paled at first, because she did not understand why he would think that. She told him that she didn’t want to get rid of anyone, because she didn’t apply to the Farm to win. “I’m really here from the beginning more to protect women, especially the weaker ones,” she then said in private, and Žan disagreed, telling her that she only came with the intention of creating drama in the show.

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With this, he aimed at their relationship with Suzana, which, according to him, has improved “miraculously” in recent days. “You don’t ask her how she feels,” Mateja snapped back at him, and Žan defended himself: “Of course not, because she betrayed me.” Everyone present was speechless at this, as was Suzana, who heard it. “What are you wearing?” she told him harshly at first, but then added:

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“These accusations are completely unnecessary for me. I know that I said a million things about Mateja, and maybe I will say them again someday, but at least I told her everything in her head. Now, if she took a step back and changed… Such a person always deserves a second chance. If there is only normal communication from the other side, I am always ready to communicate. Some people at least know how to communicate, while others prefer to run away into the forest.”

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She then blurted out to Žan that it was much sadder that the two of them with to David they don’t talk to their clan anymore, which again turned the conversation to the betrayal of the clan, for which Žan is convinced that Mateja and Suzana are responsible, especially because of their unexpected reconciliation. In reality, Mateja and Patriciawho once again squeezed their tails between their legs and successfully concealed the truth from Žan.

Žan will finally discover the truth in one of the next episodes. You can check whether this will happen today tonight at 21:00 on POP TV or you can do it any time before at VOYA, where today’s episode is already available to watch!

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